June 29, 2016

This was our second time diving in Cozumel and since the Presidente Intercontinental Resort is closed for remodeling (One of Scuba Du's host resorts), we stayed at the Occidental. Even though they have their own dive vendor there, we still chose to take a taxi ALL the way to Hotel B to dive with Scuba Du.
Their equipment is excellent and the boat crew were very friendly and helpful. 
We stopped twice on the way to the reef to pick up other divers, but even with a full boat everything was efficient and organized.
Our dive master, Abraham, was excellent. He made sure to keep an eye out for several turtles, nurse sharks, ray's and thankfully, kept me from casually swimming into a school of barracuda!
Talk about service, since the Occidental happened to be directly in front of one of the reefs we were diving, they voted to switch our dive schedule so they could just drop us off at the resort dock after our second dive. Saved us more than an hour travel time.
Thanks Scuba Du. See you next time!

“Thanks for the dives!” - on 07/20/2016

June 29, 2016

Have used several companies in past, second time I use these guys, all great as promised. Private boat for party was on time and fully staffed. Knew their stuff very well, and were great for service. Helped the teens with everything, and were great dive masters. Highly recommend as best in island. Located in Presidente hotel, but Presidente was remodeling, so they picked us up at our hotel with boat. Great boats, not some beat up old junker! Very important.
Equipment provided for those that needed, was not great, but ok. They should get better equipment, newer. 
Really easy, knowledgeable, and safety focused. Not cheapest, but best! Abraham was our dive master and he was great!! Knew were everything was. EELS, sharks, turtles, etc.
Great experience.

“Many visits to Cozumel, best diving company.” - on 07/20/2016

May 27, 2016

I really debated whether to give these guys a "3" or a "4" rating because it is really hard not to like them. We used their operation at Hotel B which was pretty good and Jose, who runs it, is a great guy! Nothing was a hassle and even though we arrived just as they were closing on Saturday we still managed to organize diving for Sunday morning.
We did two consecutive days of diving with Scuba Du and did 2 dives on each day. The first day was at Santa Rita wall and the Paradise Reef and the second day was at Palancar Horseshoe and San Francisco. The visibility was superb on both days and the dives were very colourful and pretty interesting. We were hoping to see a bit more sealife but we did quite well. 
On the first day, the BCD that Scuba Du supplied had a dump valve fail on my first dive. I got back into the boat and managed to get it working well enough to let me dive though. However it failed again on the second dive and I had to get the Divemaster to put it back together under water. There was no spare gear on board at all. On the second day, the gear was Ok but pretty well used. One diver had a depth gauge that didn't work at all. You could hire computers (I brought my own and we hired one for my wife) but most divers didn't use them.
Our Divemaster on the first day was pretty good and gave a good briefing for both dives, both in terms of safety and what to expect on the sites. The guy on the second day wasn't very thorough though. We didn't get any sort of safety briefing regarding the boat (where the life jackets are, radio channels for distress, fire extinguisher locations etc) at all on either day.

So in summary, it was a pretty good experience which could have been even better with just a little bit of extra attention. I would probably look at the other options on Cozumel before I used Scuba Du again but they aren't terrible.

“Pretty good operation!” - on 07/20/2016

May 11, 2016

Our dive club returned to Cozumel for our dive trip, and with all the dive operations to chose from we, based on our past experience, picked Scuba Du again. We requested all 18 of us to be on one boat, they were more that willing to use 2 boats, but it was our request to all be together on boat. With a captain and 1 crew member and 3 dive masters we had great time. The dive masters split us into 3 groups and got us in the water and out of the water with no problems. Between the crew and the dive masters they saw to our needs and were very attentive. Loading and unloading the boat was no problem and was handled quick and easily. Under water the dive masters were quick to point out everything we came across. Scuba Du gives you a plastic reusable water bottle that is yours to keep, this way they are helping to keep the water free of paper or plastic cups that normally blow overboard. Between dives on our surface interval we are served cold fruit. This is my third time diving with Scuba Du and I believe Scuba Du has the best boats, crew and dive masters in Cozumel.

“Scuba Du Dive Operation” - on 07/20/2016

May 03, 2016

My husband and I traveled to Cozumel in April 2016 for a week vacation. We stayed at El Cozumeleno (see separate review) and worked with Scuba Du for our scuba diving excursions. 
I had spoken with Scuba Du via email for the month prior to our trip, since I had an underwater photography course I wanted to take. From day one, they were EXTREMELY informative and friendly. They set everything up and gave me peace of mind from the start.
Upon our arrival, the staff were friendly and had communicated all of the information about our arrival. Everything was organized and we felt so good about the entire set up!
I worked with Alfonzo for my underwater photography course and had an absolute blast! Because of his expertise and guidance, I was able to take the most beautiful photos that I have ever taken on a vacation. I was so proud of them! 
Each of the Divemasters that we worked with were fun and knowledgeable. They were accommodating to my underwater photography and helped find tiny things in the ocean.
We highly recommend the night dive also as it was thrilling!
The boats are all very nice and clean and the Captain was always friendly and helpful with equipment. We had our own equipment, but saw others with rental. The equipment looked very nice and clean. 
The groups were always small, which is FANTASTIC! 
This was one of the best dive operations that we have ever worked with and it was a pleasure to enjoy our vacation with them. I recommend them to everyone!

“Underwater Photography” - on 07/20/2016

April 26, 2016

They were located in my hotel El Cozumeleno. They had excellent customer service, the taxi ride was included. Small groups with a dive instructor. They did not take pictures when asked they said it was so they can pay attention to the divers. I wish I had known I would have brought at least a GoPro to take some of my own.

“2 tank scuba diving Scuba Du” - on 07/20/2016

April 24, 2016

Scuba Du had a location at Hotel B where we were staying. I hadn't been diving for five years so Aldo was very helpful in signing up for the refresher class first. I went to El Presidente where I met Lara and she did the review. The things you need to know now! It was very interesting and so glad I did it. I then signed up for another dive. I had to conquer my fear of the Santa Rosa wall and I did it! We were picked up at Hotel B which was very convenient. Alex was a great dive master showing us all the interesting things like an eel as big around as a volley ball and a pretty big nurse shark. I will definitely dive with them again given the chance.

“Great refresher and dive” - on 07/16/2016

April 18, 2016

Jose Luis is an excellent dive master! In our group we had different ranges of experience for diving. Jose was very cognizant of this and worked well to get everyone great bottom time. Captain and boat crew very competent and pleasant to work with.
Very safe group to dive with especially with currents and drift diving Cozumel is known for. Highly recommend, and the hotel was excellent also

“Great diving operation” - on 07/16/2016

April 16, 2016

We just finished diving for 5 days with Scuba Du. We have been diving in Cozumel 5 other times but the service we received from the check in welcome to every day of diving was the best we have ever received. Abraham and Abraham and all the dive masters captains and crew were the most helpful we have experienced above and below the surface. They are very safety conscious checking on everyones air supply frequently but letting us continue our dives after others got low on air and had to surface. They constantly were pointing out sea life that we could have easily missed. Overall I would highly recommend Scuba Du for any level of diver looking for great service and the friendliest people around.

“Best Week of Diving in Cozumel” - on 07/16/2016

April 14, 2016

We chose them as first trip after our boys were certified and they have the "best" reputation. We booked a private boat for the four of us. Overall nice. Certainly more expensive then the other options. Good service on the boat.

“Top operation for diving in Cozumel” - on 07/16/2016

April 14, 2016

Scuba Du took care of us from start to finish. Their eco-friendly stance on diving was great. They provided us with water bottle bottles, and shared their love and techniques for keeping the reefs pristine. José Luis was by far the best Dive Master/ Guide that I have had the pleasure to dive with. This will be the shop I will recommend to all of our travelers.

“Excellent experience!” - on 07/16/2016

March 27, 2016

I received my scuba certification via referral at Scuba Du at the El Presidente and my experience was nothing but amazing. My dive master/instructor was Lara and she was a great teacher, she explained what I needed to do for my open water dives very clearly. We also went on a dive with Oliver(Divemaster), he was awesome, incredibly knowledgeable about the different dives and reefs. The service and equipment at the dive shop were top notch. My wife and I plan to return to the El Presidente both because it's a great resort but also because of the quality of our dive experience.
“Scuba Du at the El Presidente was Fantastic” – on 03/31/16

Had a great time with Scuba Du getting whole family scuba certified. Dylan was our instructor and he was the BEST! Very friendly, flexible and knowledgeable staff at Scuba Du.

“BEST dive shop!” - on 07/16/2016

March 26, 2016

We had a wonderful and relaxing vacation thanks to your professional dive crew, captains and staff. Thanks for making it easy for us by taking great care of our gear and especially taking the time to help my wife clear her ears on the very first dive of our trip. The trip to Punta Sur (Devils Throat) was by far, the most memorable. We are looking forward to our next trip to Cozumel and especially looking forward to diving with your outfit. Thank you Scuba Du!
“Thanks Abraham, Alex, Michelle, Victor and the entire staff and ownership of Scuba Du! First Class Dive Operation!”

"First Class Dive Operation!” - on 07/16/2016

March 14, 2016

Scuba Du is an outstanding dive operation. The training of the staff is over the top. 
I had the privilege of training with Alfonso, one of the best instructors I have ever had. Alfonso was thorough and encouraging in all his teaching. Alfonso is also a great diving guide. Request Alfonso if you plan any training on your visit.
All of the Dive Masters are very well trained and ensure that the diving circumstances meet the skills of the divers. Jose and Abrahim N. were exceptional in their professionalism; I would trust them on any dive.
Scuba Du's fleet are all great boats with convenient gear storage and easy entry/exit. All the dives are drift dives, but the captains are very well trained and little wait is required after you surface.
The most amazing part of the Scuba Du experience is Victor, and his trusted side-kick Carlos. This team provides true VIP gear service throughout your stay. They deliver the gear each morning onboard the boats, remove the gear when you return, and completely clean and dry the gear at the end of the day. When you are ready to return, you pick up your gear sanitized and dried the morning of your departure. It can't get any better!

“First Class Dive Operation” - on 07/16/2016

March 13, 2016

We had a large group of friends. payment was easily made by sending a check to a US address. $75 per person for 3 snorkeling stops. Equipment was relatively new. Beer and snacks were available. The snorkeling is average compared to other places I've been but the waters are clear and not cold. They take wonderful underwater photos. They guide kids well and keep them together

“Excellent and caring crew” - on 07/16/2016

March 19, 2016

Been trying to dive with them for 3 days. They won't confirm an afternoon trip unless you are 4 or more people and have not gone out for at least the last 4 afternoons. Also they are considerably more expensive than their easier to book competitors and seem to have an "oh well" attitude. Very unfortunate as I am staying at hotel where they are located.

“Wish I could rate their dive experience” - on 07/16/2016

March 06, 2016

We have been diving with Scuba Du for the last 10 years and for the last 3 years with our daughters and friend (now ages 12 , 14 & 14). They are attentive and always accommodating. Although throughout the years the dive masters have changed a bit, they have always been thorough and enjoyable. Last month we dove with Lara who was terrific! She was wonderful with the girls - thorough, patient, enthusiastic! She certified us in Nitrox and it helped me tremendously. Thank you Lara! Also, Victor is a priceless staffer who took care of our gear. (Well deserving of any tips at the end of your dive or trip!!) Overall, great people providing exceptional service in an amazing hotel location. Couldn't imagine diving with another scuba outfit there in Cozumel!!

“Yearly scuba trips always fantastic” - on 07/16/2016

March 02, 2016

Had 2 dives with Lara while my 2 buddies got certified. I got my enriched air rating. 
Great equipment and boat. They do a fantastic job and Lara was top notch. 
We took Lara for a drink or 5 afterwards and she had nothing but great things to say about the company and town. 
I give this shop a 5 plus and Lara a 10. 

“Great trip ” - on 07/16/2016

February 25, 2016

My wife and I just finished another week at El Presidente diving with Scuba Du. This hotel and dive operator have become our "Go To" Caribbean destination. The property is wonderful and Scuba Du is fantastic. We have been diving with Dive Masters Jose Luis, Michelle, Raymundo, Oliver, Dara and just recently a new (to this operator) Dive Master Abraham. I can't say enough about how attentive and skilled they all are. Boats are never crowded. They did a night dive for us with just three divers one night! The guys behind the counter are great and the best of the best is Victor. Victor loads your gear onto the boat, takes it off the boat, rinses it and repackages it in your gear bag every night and actually thoroughly cleans it for you at the end of your trip. Even the crew on the boats are wonderful. You simply can't go wrong with the El Presidente/Scuba Du combination.

“Exceptional Service” - on 07/06/2016

February 24, 2016

Scuba Du is a FANTASTIC dive shop. We have used other dive shops over the years and were more than impressed with Scuba Du. We had a hotel in town and they were gracious enough to have their dive boats pick us up on time at the Aqua Safari pier for each day of our dives.
The dive masters were great and the overall service we received was absolutely fantastic. Scuba Du is a very professional dive shop and their fleet of boats is better than what we have experienced with other dive shops. Their boats are clean; they have floor mats which is great because your dive gear (or other personal items) are not not sitting on a wet deck. The fleet of boats where you can do the giant stride to enter the water, are laid out with a step-down platform allowing for an easier experience to enter the water.
And here is another nice touch ... having the eco water bottles that come complimentary with your dives are a nice change from the plastic bottles used by other dive shops. To me, this shows that Scuba Du has a keen interest in protecting our environment.
Finally, hiring a dive master (which comes at an extra charge) for a personal dive experience was invaluable. For those that are newer to diving, please consider this option because you really do get a personalized dive experience and comfort in the water. I would HIGHLY recommend Jose Luis Aragon for this service! He was an ABSOLUTE PLEASURE to work with! In addition to your diving, Scuba Du offers at a minimal fee, a service to wash and dry your dive gear each day. Believe me, this was well worth the money. Our dive gear came neatly packed within our dive bags every day and was totally dry and SMELLED GREAT!
My husband and I definitely look forward to using Scuba Du on our next dive, We would HIGHLY recommend you try this dive shop and WE WILL be using them again!

“Excellent SCUBA experience! Great team!” - on 07/06/2016

February 22, 2016

We wanted a resort where we could SCUBA dive and be on the beach. We got both. The dive shop, Scuba Du, at the Hotel Presidente InterContinental Resort and Spa, is literally on the resort property, (2 minute walk from our room), and they were excellent. Especially Dylan (the Aussie) who instructed us during our SCUBA certification classes. He was very patient, knowledgeable and overall, just an awesome teacher! Julian, who booked all of our dives/classes at Scuba Du was excellent too. Julian explained everything clearly and there were no surprises. Upon talking to other, more experienced divers on our trip, they all said Scuba Du is a top-notch diving outfit with professional and skilled dive masters, good equipment and reasonable prices. So we were very happy that we picked them to certify us in SCUBA diving. We will be back and we will definitely dive with Scuba Du again!

“Excellent SCUBA experience!” - on 07/06/2016

February 21, 2016

Scuba Du at the Intercontinental Hotel is a first class dive shop - very organized, punctual and a caring joyful staff. Hats off to Dylan, our dive instructor. He was patient, watchful and very encouraging. I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 tank dive following the resort course - Dylan kept a close eye to make sure I was comfortable, and he made the dive experience thoroughly enjoyable. Always stayed close and was very enthusiastic in pointing out the big lobsters, grouper hiding in the reef, barracudas, and sting rays to name a few! Thanks, Dylan. Hope to see you when we visit next.

“Great dive instructor and fascinating divjng” - on 07/06/2016

February 21, 2016

This is a great dive shop! The below review is for one already-certified diver and a diver who completed his check-out dives with Scuba Du.
Diving in Cozumel was a very special experience, and the team at Scuba Du greatly enhanced the fun and satisfaction. The biggest accolades go to Victor, whose customer service and friendliness were outstanding. He not only ensured that all of my equipment was organized and ready to go, but he loaded and unloaded it from the dive boat, cleaned and dried everything int he afternoon, and had it organized and ready to go the next morning. He is a great guy and provided service unlike any that I've received before at a dive center. Huge shout out to Victor!
The DMs at Scuba Du are friendly and knowledgeable. Raymundo, Abraham, and Oliver were friendly and skilled DMs. They were able to find and point out beautiful sealife on the reef and each gave thorough and helpful briefings before the dives. 
My boyfriend completed his check-out dives with Dylan, who was really great. As a new diver, he had some nerves and he also has some physical limitations. Dylan was friendly and skilled in helping ensure he was well prepared for his check-out dives. 
I'm glad we got to spend a few days diving with ScubaDu and plan that we'll be back before long.

“Great dive instructor and fascinating divjng” - on 07/06/2016

February 21, 2016

For the past 3 years I have used Scuba Du to dive with and it has been an excellent experience every time! It is so convenient because I stay at the Presidente and that's where they are located. My dive master Dylan who is from Australia did a outstanding job. The whole staff was great! Very nice people. I recommend Scuba Du.

“All-in-One” - on 07/06/2016

February 08, 2016

Thank you Michelle, our excellent dive master. Well equipped boat, excellent gear. On the spot staff to help you in and out of the boat, great captain, nice fresh fruit snacks and water.

“Flawless diving operation” - on 07/06/2016

January 26, 2016

Grabbed a two tank dive with this operator since I could not find anyone else that wasn't already booked. Boat was older but very functional. Dive boat was at least 30 minutes late picking us up from their dock but we only had 5 people diving. The dive master was excellent, through and friendly. Since I was diving alone I partnered up with him and he was fun and easy to dive with. Operation was very smooth and the diving was easy and fun. Fresh fruit provided between dive and cold water also. No hang bar or weights for safety stop but that might be a Cozumel thing. Overall great experience.

“First time diving with Scuba Du” - on 07/06/2016

January 14, 2016

This January marked the 3rd generation of divers at Scuba Du. Our granddaughters participated in the Bubble Maker! I think if they believe in heaven it would be with Scuba Du in the beautiful waters of Cozumel. Everyone is treated as royalty. The boats are very clean and efficient and SAFE. The guides are caring of the reef system while showing the treasures it holds. We have over 1400 dives and at least half are with Jorge de La Fuente's Scuba Du. We have never switched.

“"Home Away From Home - on 07/06/2016

“Best Dive Operator in Mexico”

January 2016

Let me start by saying trying to find the cheapest dive operation is never a good idea. You pay money to have the best guides, gear and boat because - your life is in their hands. This is not a time to go on the cheap. So yes, Scuba Du is more 
expensive than some other operators on the island, but it is worth every penny. Dive masters are friendly, and offer white-glove service if you are renting gear. Unless you prefer to do it yourself, everything is taken care of for you (including cleaned and stored in between dives). They also only take a group size of about 6 per dive master. This is key in drift diving/swim through conditions where beginners might be bumping or knocking into you. Finally they have fast boats - which is key when many of the dive sites are quite a far ride and you don't want to spend your entire day on the boat. We were staying at another resort, and we had prompt pickup at our resort for free each day which was great. They also offer you a refillable water bottle with your dive purchase for use with filtered water on board - loved the nice touch of both a souvenir and better for the environment than plastic bottles. When we return to Cancun, Scuba Du will be the only choice!

“Best Dive Operator in Mexico” - on 01/29/2016

January 2016
I took my family on vacation to Cozumel, Mexico and stayed at Presidente Hotel. My wife and I were already certified Scuba divers and we tried to get our two sons certified before our trip. The dive shop back home proved to be undependable and they didn't complete the open water portion of the training before we left for vacation. We went to Scuba Du located at the hotel and they hooked us up with the friendliest young man from Australia named Dylan Boag. Dylan took us under his wing and gave my wife and I a refresher course and helped my two sons complete their training. We were able to dive as a family as we had hoped and saw some really cool stuff. We really liked that the boat was nice and not crowded like some other operations we've dove with in the past. We totally enjoyed our stay in Cozumel and both of my sons didn't want to go back home! The trip was way too short but we'll never forget how nice Dylan was, and the level of care and service he provided to us. I would recommend to anyone, diving with Dylan. Thanks for a vacation we'll never forget!

“Diving with Dylan was awsome” - on 01/29/2016

January 2016
My husband and I had some e-mail contacts with Jorge De La Fuente before we travel to Cozumel. When we arrived on the island he was abroad, they said. We booked two packages and had boat dive (two tanks per day) on a regular basis for our week in Cozumel. The company has good vessels, good safety standards on boat. Quite professionals (we are retired professional dive masters) and good equipment. We had our personal stuff, that they occasionally loose or misplaced. The staff is quite always pro and nice. We only had a bad experience with the dive master Michelle: she was not perfectly skilled (she forgot to give a real briefing, she didn't say a thing on the marine park before our dive and she din't realize that me and another diver had gloves during the dive, which was not allowed). Overall she was really rude and unpolite after the dive, and we had a bad dispute with her (she yelled at me in front of other guests because she noticed my touch on a small spot of the reef, and forgot that her buoyancy and the buoyancy of her other guests was awful, and the group made big damages on the reef with fins and gear). What a pity, what a shame. All the other days we had great fun with all the other guys on board. Hope we'll be back again!

“EXPENSIVE BUT GOOD!” - on 01/29/2016

January 2015
Scuba Du is located on the grounds of the Presidente Intercontinental hotel in Cozumel (where the president of Mexico stays when he visits the island !!). We came to Cozumel for peace, quiet, luxury (life wife and daughter are receiving their Swedish massage and facial as I write this review), and to get our kids (ages 17 and 2) PADI scuba certified. Dillon, a 24 year old instructor from Australia, guided my two kids through their formal certification in one of the most beautiful places in the world...saw eagle rays, barracuda, manta rays, sting rays, sharks......truky amazing array of underwater life on the bottom and the walls of the various dive sites....the kids LOVED it, and so did we. Cannot say enough door things about the Presidente Intercontinental or Scuda du!!! Highly recommend both for a memorable vacation....


“Scuba Du was the best dive site on the entire island of Cozumel” - on 01/29/2016

December 3, 2015
My fiancee and I have been diving for years now and Scuba Du is by far one of the best dive shop we have been to. These guys go above and beyond making your diving experience enjoyable and very comfortable, from taking care of the equipment, setting it up for you and taking it in and out of the boat. The dive masters are top notch, very experienced and extremely friendly.
We are definitely coming back to Cozumel and Scuba Do will be our dive shop of choice.

“Best Dive Operator” - on 01/29/2016

December 2, 2015
it had been awhile between dives (okay 9 years) - took the tune-up - they made it simple and easy, we reviewed skills and got comfortable, and headed a few feet into the water to Paradise Reef. It was so easy, it was so fun, and the reef was amazing. Staff was competent and kind, gear and boats are in excellent shape, and groups were small. This shop instills confidence while taking customers to some great dive sites. And the water bottle with my name on it is the perfect souvenir. Highly recommend this shop 

“Scuba Tune up & five dives - best diving made easy” - on 01/29/2016

November 30, 2015
Our family of four just returned from Cozumel where we hoped to get certified to Scuba Dive. We picked the perfect place! At the Presidente Intercontinental Hotel in Cozumel, the snorkeling and scuba diving are literally outside your hotel room door. We walked about 20 paces from our hotel to the on-site dive shop (Scuba Du) where my son and I signed up for (and successfully completed!) the Open Water Diving Certification. My daughter and husband were already certified. Our Scuba Du PADI Instructor was Lara and she was amazing. It was potentially challenging since two of us were first time divers and two of us were certified, but Lara was patient, incredibly knowledgable and professional AND she made it fun for us. I must admit that at first it was difficult for me to relax and enjoy the beautiful underwater diving world with my children (13 and 12) since I was nervous, being a first time diver. But Lara quickly made me feel safe and comfortable. She had her eyes on us the whole time, yet still was keenly aware of all the awesome creatures that she pointed out to us (nurse shark, eagle rays, lion fish, barracuda, etc.) She would regularly ask us to check our oxygen tank levels and remind us to clear our ears, etc. 
We liked Scuba Du and Lara so much that we plan to return to this same spot for our next scuba trip and we are hoping that this will happen SOON!

“Incredible Scuba Diving Experience for our whole Family!” - on 01/29/2016

November 24, 2015 
Best dive of our lives. We now understand why everyone goes back to Cozumel to dive. Also, diving captains were fun, friendly and safe.

“Best dive ever” - on 01/29/2016

November 17, 2015 
The diving in Cozumel is first class, so it makes it even more memorable when you have a first class dive shop take you to these reefs. We dove for 3 days and had 3 different dive masters. Each one was professional, explained everything about the dive very well (in English), shared with us conservation information and were very clear about their expectations of us as divers. We felt relaxed and in good hands with this fabulous team. They were very good at spotting a variety of reef life and drawing our attention to it, big and small. Thank you to Victor for always having our gear rinsed and ready to go and to Nancy for taking amazing pictures. If she goes with you on a trip, count yourself lucky because she does incredible work. Her pictures are the one souvenir we came away with that will last a life time.

“Professional Operation ” - on 01/29/2016

November 10, 2015
A great dive leader makes the dive even more memorable. Raymundo is a consummate professional, even when herding cats underwater; Oliver's enthusiasm was infectious; Dillon spotted wonderful things on the night dive; and Jose Luis ensured all expectations were exceeded. The boat captains and crew are top notch and the boats themselves are well maintained and impeccable. Anyone can take you on a Cozumel reef dive but when you dive with the crew at Scuba Du your safety and maximum enjoyment are guaranteed! Highly recommended!

“Perfect Dives-Perfect Divemasters!” - on 01/29/2016

Fantastic dive operator located right at the Presidente Intercontinental where we stayed. They take care of you from the minute you arrive til you depart. We liked that they cater to smaller groups, that they set up every aspect of your tanks and gear on the boat, and that they clean and store everything for your next dive. Diving with them is relaxing and fun, the way it should be on vacation! Our guide Dylan was fantastic. We dove many different and interesting reefs during our 3 days with them. We even did a night dive with another couple and it was the highlight of our trip. Highly recommend this dive operator.

Visited October 2015

“Great dive shop” - on 01/29/2016

October 19, 2015
We stayed at El Cozumeleno last week and made arrangements to do our first ocean dive with our young adult children who did a Discover Scuba Dive. We made arrangements via email with Laura who answered my endless questions until we came up with a perfect first dive plan. Since it was my first dive (and I was absolutely terrified to see a shark) and my kids first dive, we did a simple beach dive. Alfonso was the kids instructor and our dive master. He was GREAT! I couldn't have asked for a better first dive. He ensured my kids were safe and still managed to deal with all my anxiety. I would definitely go again, and have no reservation recommending this operation to anyone. Loved it and now my kids are ready to get certified and go back!!

“First ocean dive and a DSD for the kiddos” - on 01/29/2016

September 30, 2015
Our first visit to cozumel island, and we have enjoyed four fantastic dives with scuba du team. 
They took us to the most beautiful dives around - santa rose wall, cederal, la francese and Colombia reef. 
The service was fabules - we got little bottles of water, fruits on the boat, perfect equipment and above all a PERFECT dive master - jose louis. 
He was very energetic and yet patient to those who had hard time diving (one of the girls in the group was afraid and he dived while holding her hand through all our 55 min dive) . He made sure we will notice every little unique fish there was around. 
We definitely recommend diving with scuba du - besy quality!!
Send our love to jose louis!

Visited September 2015

“Viva Jose Louis !!!”Tel Aviv, Israel - on 10/26/2015

When i arrived cozumel i didn't know which diving club to choose because there's so many here at the island, i decided to choose "scooba du" because they were the closest one to my hotel (I was staying at the "fiesta americana" hotel - it's about 2.5 KM from the hotel and you can walk to the scooba diving club). Apparently it was a great decision, the guy at front desk was very welcoming and try to make the best deal that fits for me at best price and even gave me a nice discount (20% off).
I dove for 3 days (6 dives total) and every day the boat peak me up (8:15 a.m sharp) from the "fiesta americana" hotel pier and all my diving equipment was already on board and ready for me, a quick briefing (safety , some of what we're going to see and the ocean situation) from the very professional dive master that was of course our instructor guide and to the water. The stuff on the boat was very handy and helpful, they also offer a cold beverages and sweet fruits between the 2 2 daily dives.
Don't worry the diving club takes you to the most popular and must see diving sites in cozumel so don't worry about it.
The equipment is pretty good and take care of and if something isn't working properly they have spare parts on the boat.

Visited September 2015

“Best choose ever!” Rishon Lezion, Israel - on 10/26/2015

August 30, 2015 NEW
My children and I were very pleased with ScubaDu and strongly recommend them. 

We all got certified near home 2 weeks before our trip and were a bit nervous about our first experience with reef diving. When we showed up at the dive shop the day we arrived, we spoke with the manager Julian. He was welcoming and very patient. He asked us a number of questions about our skills and our interest and presented us with several options, based on our experience. He was sensitive to our concerns and very clear with what we would expect. We elected to take the Advanced Open Water course with Scuba Du. Our instructor Lara was very professional, patient and attentive. She made sure we were safe, conformable and were having fun. Julian and his staff were extremely helpful with every detail, from getting our equipment ready to the check out process and we had a great week. 

My wife did not dive so being at a nice hotel was very important. Like the rest of us, she thoroughly enjoyed the El Presidente hotel. The staff is very attentive, the hotel well run and the pool, fitness room, beach, on property dining and rooms were wonderful.

We had some amazing dives and became much more confident drivers (Thanks so much Lara) and are already looking forward to returning to ScubaDu over the Christmas holiday this year.

“Wonderful dive experience” - on 09/01/2015

August 22, 2015
I have dove with them for years and they have always had great staff. I was able to complete my 200th dive on a night dive with all types of life. This week did Devils Throat, saw hermit crab, sea snake, crabs, lobster and sharks. Recommend highly.

“Great people” - on 09/01/2015

August 10, 2015
Got my advanced water certification and they did their best to make it fun. My kid also got open water certified and they were sticklers for following the PADI rules, which made me feel safer and didn't have a doubt in my mind with the dive instructor for either of us. Definite plus!

“Great/safe dive shop” - on 09/01/2015

August 3, 2015
We just returned from our second dive trip with Scuba Du. What an amazing week of diving and pampering! We had 6 people in our group, and we were able to get our own small boat for the week, and we hand picked our favorite dive master, Jose Luis! He took us to very carefully selected dive sites to get just the experiences we wanted, with very few other divers. Jose Luis is beyond wonderful! He is so safe, so knowledgeable, and he takes care of everything. It truly is hard to describe how hard he works to make your dive week one you will always remember.
The staff at Scuba Du Dive Shop (at the Presidente) are all friendly, enthusiastic and welcoming. I felt like we were going back to visit old friends. When you meet the owner, Jorge, you come to understand why everyone you meet is so full of enthusiasm for their job. Jorge has worked hard to build a first class operation at Scuba Du, and he has somehow managed to pass on that work ethic and sense of joy to all his employees. Amazing! I remember the first time I met Jorge at a scuba show, he promised me I would be satisfied if I just tried Scuba Du--I had no idea how right he would turn out to be.
We dive all over the world. I have had so many other dive ops tell me "this is concierge diving where we take care of everything!" Well, that is almost true, sometime! But here at Scuba Du, it really happens. I never touched my gear, my gear "taquito" was delivered to me each morning in the boat--all clean and dry, thanks to the incredible job of Victor. Thanks Victor for making me smell so fresh all week! And hard to believe, he brought my clean and dry gear to the hotel on the last night, all ready to pack and put away when we got home. Now that is service!!
Do yourself and your dive buds a favor, sign up with Scuba Du and have the dive vacation of your life. The reefs are in perfect shape, Scuba Du takes care of everything, and if you can, get a 6 pack boat and understand what true concierge diving is all about.

Thanks Scuba Du for surpassing my expectations yet again.

“Diving with the Best!!” - on 09/01/2015

July 21, 2015
This is our second trip to Cozumel and our second experience with Scuba Du, which operates out of the Hotel Presidente. They are safe, professional and the diving is fantastic. Jose Luis and all the rest of the dive crew are cheerful and accommodating. We have been all over the world diving, and no outfit compares with the great job they do with your gear. After you set it up, you really don't have to touch it the rest of the trip except to do your buddy checks. We stayed at Fiesta Americana, an all-inclusive hotel next door to the Presidente, and they came and picked us up each morning. Five stars plus for Scuba Du!

“5 days of diving with Scuba Du in Cozumel” - on 09/01/2015

July 12, 2015
I would like to thank all the staff at Scuba Du for a wonderful dive trip! I dove with them from June 27 to July 4 and everyone there was extremely helpful, accommodating and professional. A special thank you to Alexandro and Mary, for working around my vacation days and giving me an outstanding dive vacation. Highly, Highly recommend them, great boats, very organized, work well with all skill levels, and just a great group!

“Scuba Du El Cozumeleno” - on 09/01/2015

July 6, 2015
We LOVE Michelle! This was our second year diving with her and she is the best. Very familiar with the waters and gives great instruction. She cares about everyones safety and it made for great diving experiences.

“Book with Michelle” - on 07/11/2015

 July 5, 2015 
Scuba Du has been our home away from home since 1991. We've dealt with the owner, Jorge de la Fuente for all of those many years. The guides come and go, but we alwasy remained becuase of the care and safety of the operation. Diving can be dangerous in Cozumel and I care that my boat captain knows where I am with the crazy currents and is there to pick me up at the end of my dive. I care that my guide has the ability to handle a difficult situation with skill and safety. Lately we have been with Jose Luis and he LOVES his job, his clients and SCUBA DU. I care that the groups are small enough for all to enjoy the dive. I care that the NITROX is monitored. I care that the equipment is meticulously cleaned every day by Victor and stored safely for my next trip. They are an EXCELLENT operation.

“THE SAFETY AND CARE” - on 07/11/2015

May 5, 2015
We (two adults, two boys ages 14 and 12 and one bubble maker) went to Cozumel for scuba diving and to Scuba Du to obtain certification as Advanced Open Water Divers. Scuba Du staff were very professional and friendly in that they persistently worked with us until we had sufficient skills to pass each step. Also we went on boat dives outside of the certification dives and had excellent Master Diver with us to ensure comfortability in drift diving. We are for sure coming back to dive with Scuba Du.

“Diving and AOD certification with Scuba Du” - on 07/11/2015

 May 4, 2015
We just returned from a week at El Presidente, Cozumel and dove with Scuba Du throughout the week. This was our third trip there in three years and we are already planning our next visit. My wife and I are experienced divers and between us have covered much of the Carribean. Scuba Du is exceptional in every way. The staff are friendly, efficient and competent. The Dive Masters are wonderful. We dove with Michelle, Jose Luis, Oliver and Abraham and they were fantastic; knowledgable, personable, seem to love what they were doing and created a relaxed vibe on the boat. The captain and mate were helpful , courteous and also contributed to a great atmosphere on the boat. 
On shore, our special kudos to Victor, who cares for your gear better than you ever have yourself. Equipment is cleaned and organized for every dive and washed for you before you leave, all with a smile and a sense of graciousness. Bottom line is that everyone there, including the owner, contribute to making the experience of diving with them a total delight.
Thank You Scuba Du!
Marty and Amy

“Diving with Scuba Du” - on 07/11/2015

May 3, 2015 
The two dive masters we had on our boat, Jose Lius and Oliver were great. They were very attentive to the group and great with the kids. My son who was on his first real dive was very nervous and they help him through. The staff on shore were just as good Jose and Victor. Cudos to them all would definitely us the group again.

“Scuba diving” - on 07/11/2015

 April 22, 2015 
Crew was exceptional. Spent so much time with each of the members of the group. Very knowledgable and assisted young divers as well as adults. Had all scuba gear ready for us each day of trip... Took care of cleaning it all etc. provided fresh fruit for all on the boat in between dives. My damily and I had Dive masters Oliver and Jose Luis who were extremely welcoming and engaging. Overall great expirence. Highly recommend.

“Excellent” - on 07/11/2015

April 16, 2015
We recently took a snorkel tour here while guests at the resort. We had tried on our previous visit, but there were not enough snorkelers to fill a boat, so we were delighted to have the opportunity. There were seven passengers as well as the very personable and helpful guide and the captain. We had about a thirty minute boat ride in a modern shaded boat to the southern part of the island. Our first stop was El Cielo with shallow water, a few fish but loads of starfish. Second stop was Columbia Reef and last was Palancar. We saw a variety of fish and coral and our guide Oliver identified and pointed out things of interest. We were fortunate to see several turtles as well. After our second stop we were provided with fresh fruit, salty snacks and beer or soda and again on the way back to the resort.
We have been on other excellent snorkel tours other places and this measured up quite well. All levels of ability were accounted for and our guide and captain were so nice and knowledgeable. It was really convenient leaving and returning from the resort as opposed to taking a taxi to another location. We appreciated the small group and our boat stayed away from other snorkeling boats so we had a super experiece. We would do this again on our next trip!

“Great snorkel trip” - on 07/11/2015

April 11, 2015
My family stayed at the Presidente for a week without any intention of scuba diving! I finally walked over to the scuba hut out of curiosity and decided to book a resort dive for myself and 3 of my daughters plus a friend. The staff at the hut were very friendly and helpful. I have done resort dives before but never gotten certified. The beach dive and coral reef were fantastic as was the instruction (Candy and Sandy) In fact it was so good that 2 of my daughters (14 & 22 years old) and myself decided to get certified! Sandy was our instructor! She was not only professional in her instruction and knowledge but also a delightful person! Even though my girls had to study hard on their spring break, it was definitely worth it. The 2 - 60 foot dives at the end of the course were amazing! This is definitely the beginning of many scuba adventures! Even the two who did not get certified say that their resort dive was the highlight of their trip! Great resort and certainly fantastic open water certification course! Thank you Scuba Du and extra extra thank you to Sandy:)

“Great Open Water certification and Resort diving!” - on 07/11/2015

April 6, 2015
We had an excellent experience with Scuba Du. We had previously done a resort diving course about 10 years ago and have snorkeled extensively. We were grouped with another uncertified diver who also had previous experience. Our instructor, Laura, pitched the resort/refresher course at just the right level, and she was patient as we remembered old skills. 

After the hotel-based course, we went on a dive at the Santa Rosa wall and another site. As the many other contributors have noted, it was a memorable experience. We particularly enjoyed the large turtles, but also saw a barracuda, some impressively large groupers, some rays, and a wide variety of tropical fish. We highly recommend the experience.

We had considered certifying through Scuba Du, but in the end realized we did not have enough time to do so. Our current plan is to complete the "book" part of the certification on line (see the Scuba Du website for more info) prior to our return, and then complete the certification with Scuba Du.

We stayed at the Presidente Intercontinental, where Scuba Du is located, which made the entire process very convenient.

Be aware that the Scuba Du offers a significant discount for cash payment (US or MX), although you can charge the service to your room.

“Excellent experience for beginning divers” - on 07/11/2015

 April 4, 2015
We did three days of diving with Scuba Du during the week of March 30. When I made the reservations I was asked to send pre-payment by check to an address in Colorado which seemed odd. When we arrived in Cozumel, all was good, though no one could give me a reason for sending the payment to Colorado. Scuba Du is based at the Presidente Intercontinental Hotel, but we stayed elsewhere. A Scuba Du boat picked us up at our hotel's dock every morning, and they returned us by boat or taxi every day.

Abraham was our dive guide. He was excellent, friendly, informative, and very attentive to all three of us, but especially to my daughter who is still an inexperienced diver. Even after a dive when she was cold, noticed and then gave her his jacket for the remainder of the boat ride. On our dives, I observed the other guides also being attentive to their divers. There were never more than five divers per guide, and in several instances there were only one or two divers per guide. They gave us souvenir water bottles, and had juicy and delicious pineapple and cantaloupe during the surface interval. I would definitely dive with Scuba Du again. 

By the way, the diving was great too. For big animals, we saw numerous large lobsters, numerous goliath groupers, two green morays, a stingray, many large turtles, a 6-foot nurse shark that swam next to us for several minutes, and two very large spotted eagle rays.

“Very good dive operation” - on 07/11/2015

March 28, 2015
Returned in MARCH after some rough weather in FEBRUARY during fiesta.. This company gave us full credit for missed dives due to personal clumsiness and injury.
We had heard about good diving in COZUMEL AND GOOD SERVICE FROM THIS COMAPNY. 

This is a very professional, safe dive operation. Equipment and staff are superb. VICTOR AND OTHER HELPERS take on the heavy lifting and cleaning of personal dive stuff, and has it all ready to go for next dives.
Divemaster Michelle is particularly helpful and tough on rookies7beginners......the way it should be! She's also tactful with experienced divers who need some reminders re dive etiquette. All in all, this is a place to come back to. There are many less expensive operators on Cozumel, but this one delivers the best value.

“2nd trip in two months” - on 07/11/2015

March 23, 2015
This is our second time to use Scuba Du but the first as divers (my sons not myself). Everything from the beginning to the end was first class - safety, service, dives and snorkel trip for myself. Michelle, Raymond, Victor and the rest of Scuba Du are simply the best. It was an amazing dive week and what a wonderful experience for my sons.

“Simply Amazing - Excellent experience” - on 07/11/2015

March 19, 2015
Me and my boyfriend had a great time diving with scuba du. The staff was very friendly and it was a good service to be picked up at our hotel by boat ( Hotel B). 
The only thing could be better was that we didnt get any briefing before our second dive, and my boyfriend is a befinner why it really could be necessary. 
The dive at Santa Rosa Wall and Cedral pass was wonderful! 

“Good diving” - on 07/11/2015

March 13, 2015
My Wife and I and two other couples spent a 4 night 3 day dive vacation staying at the El Presidente, diving with Scuba Du. We had a wonderful time. The staff at Scuba Du was fantastic. Willie the captain, Edwin the divemaster and Victor who helped with our gear all made this a trip to remember. Every aspect of this organization was professional and courteous. Thanks for a great vacation.

“Fantastic Dive Vacation” - on 07/11/2015

I just returned from Cozumel where I completed my open water dive training with Scuba Du. My dive instructor was Sandy and she was amazing and very energetic. She was very patient and a great teacher. Everyone is friendly and helpful and I thank them for making my trip a wonderful visit. Jose at the desk is very helpful and a joy to work with... thank you Scuba Du.

“Scuba Du wonderful time” - on 07/04/2015

March 4, 2015
This time we actually used tripadvisor to choose the dive operation we used in Cozumel in February. They were well evaluated for several months in a row, so I decided to give it a try. 

We chose to stay at Fiesta Americana, which is completely refurbished and was great, but they did not set up a scuba operation at the hotel yet. They do, however, have a píer where one of Scuba Du's boat picked us up every morning. Very comfortable and they were there on time always ! 

Scuba Du was very professional, with shop team and Dive Masters. We did some fantastic diving with them, including Devil's Throat at Punta Sur. It was an excelent week, I fully recommend Scuba Du for diving in Cozumel.

“Excelent choice to dive in Cozumel” - on 06/24/2015

March 2, 2015
We did 11 dives with Scuba Du whilst staying at Hotel B (they have a dive shop on site).

Scuba Du are highly professional and safety conscious (which should be top of everyone's list) when diving. Their dive masters are also a lot of fun and go out of their way to ensure you have a good experience - they will let you dive until you are at 700psi then send buddy pairs up for their safety stop meaning that you get the most out of every dive (ours were all in the 50-60 minute range which is pretty long).

The diving in Cozumel is world class, which goes without saying. We don't have experience with anyone other than Scuba Du but wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

“Professional, safety conscious and fun” - on 06/24/2015

 February 16, 2015
We came to Cozumel to complete our PADI Open Water course. The staff at the Scuba Du dive shop were exceptionally knowledgable and patient. Within 2 hours of arriving at our hotel, the Presidente Intercontinental, where Scuba Du is located, we were in the water with our instructor, Alex. He was great. 

The next day, we got on our first boat trip with a wonderful dive master, Carlos. He helped us a lot in terms of orientation. He took it slow to allow us to bask in the beauties of the marine reserve off the southwest coast of the island. 

Their rental equipment is in good shape. Their boat trips include 2 well-planned sites per day. What a wonderful experience this has been for my family.

“Scenery and staff are excellent” - on 06/24/2015

February 5, 2015
I have had a few bad experiences diving in Mexico. Scuba Du is very professional and very safety conscious. Nice touches like fresh fruit after the first dive and hand towels after the last dive. Veteran divers like me are allowed to stay down until we use up most of our tank. Previously I was always on the boat with more than 1500 PSI in my tank. On my last dive I was allowed to go down to 90 feet to get great shots of a green turtle after most of the other divers were doing their decompression stop. I would have missed the shot with most other groups. Thanks guys.

“Best Dive Operation In Cozumel” - on 06/24/2015

January 30, 2015

 Scuba Du was fantastic. A special thanks to Jose from El Cozumeleno helping set up the trips. Special thanks to Dive Masters Michelle and Ray. Learned a lot and really enjoyed the diving I was able to do. Would highly recommend Scuba Du for all your diving while visiting Cozumel.

“Excellent scuba place” - on 06/24/2015

January 28, 2015 

We went on 6 dives over 3 days with Scuba Du. Their rates seemed a little higher than other dive operators in Cozumel, but they had a shop where we were staying (Hotel B) so they seemed like a natural choice.
Getting started on our first day was a little tough. We tried to set up a dive trip in advance over email, but were told we should just set it up when we arrived. Unfortunately the on site dive shop was closed when we got to the hotel. We had to scramble to get everything set up the next morning, but they were able to fit us in on a dive boat.
Pickups at the Hotel B docks were convenient, but since the hotel is situated on the northern end of the island, you spend a good hour or so picking up divers at other hotels before heading out to the sites.
Everyone was very safety focused during our dives. The reef diving off of Cozumel is amazing, and Scuba Du's divemasters did a great job guiding us around it - we especially liked Raymundo's laid back diving approach.

“Fun Reef Diving Experience” - on 06/24/2015

January 13, 2015 

We have been clients of Scuba Du since the early '90's. With over 1350 dives, we are very careful about the dive operation we use. Scuba Du has NEVER failed us in all of these years. They are dependable and safe. The water was chilly this January, but it brings the eagle rays. We saw them on 10 of our 12 dives. Jose Luis, as our guide, was excellent. He has a great pride for his job and country. He is extremely knowledgeable and caring. He watches, but doesn't hover. The boats are in excellent condition and the captains ready to pluck us from the water. Most dives are a minimum of 1 hour. There is never the need to feel rushed. Victor still impeccably cleans our gear. We are truly spoiled. Also, as avid photographers, it's important that the staff understands the need for isolation and care for the equipment. Scuba Du provides this service. We are returning in July and will be with SCUBA DU!

“A Plethera of Eagle Rays” - on 06/24/2015

January 8, 2015

 From Management to Staff to Dive Leaders, Scuba Du offers outstanding professionalism and value! I stayed off-site and a Scuba Du boat picked me up at my pier each day and dropped me off at the end of the diving day...just one of the many "extras" you can count on diving with them. Dive Masters Abraham, Ray, Jose Luis, and Emily ensured maximum bottom time, emphasizing safety and fun, and still spotted all of the marvelous marine life teeming on the reef. Their boats are immaculate [and covered!] and my gear was treated carefully even as they quickly set everything up for each dive. All I had to do was enjoy and I did that every day. Originally scheduled for 4 days, I immediately added two additional days after the first day. When you find a winner, you stick with it! Already planning my next trip later this year with Scuba Du. Highly Recommended by Fritz!

“6 Days, 12 Amazing Dives” - on 06/24/2015

December 23,2014 

We used Scuba Du for our second day dive since they were located in the same motel we were staying in. They have great service and outstanding dive masters. We did a 2 tank AM dive and were back to our motel by 12:30 so we could enjoy the rest of our day

“Associated with El Presidente” - on 06/24/2015

December 11, 2014 This was our first time in Cozumel, with a group of 22 from our local dive shop (Underseas Scuba Center). The Scuba Du staff is excellent. Jose Luis displayed an amazing amount of energy and kept things running smoothly on the boat and underwater. Karrina was our dive master for most of our dives and did a spectacular job. Dive master/photographer Nancy assisted her on a couple dives and helped me out of a runaway drift situation. (She also knows where to find the elusive toadfish.)Boat procedure differs here from what I’ve experienced elsewhere. All your gear is kept at the shop right next to the dock—you don’t have to lug everything from your room or storage lockers. Your first tank is set up for you when you get on the boat--all you need to do is add weights and suit up. Coming out, you hand up your camera, weights, BC, and finally, ins. This makes it much easier to get up the ladder and navigate to your seat. Antonio had your second tank ready to go, or your gear stowed in your dive bag. Equipment specialists Victor and Carlos deserve special mention for their miraculous ability to sort and organize every bit of equipment for four boatloads of divers. After every outing, they sort and dry it for you and store it in the shop. When you check out, Victor will have all your gear packed and smelling sweet.

“Your dive gear will never smell so great” - on 06/24/2015

December 10, 2014

Scuba Du's staff provide us with amazing service from the shop to the reefs. Extremely professional dive guides, great boats (I think they have five) and a great location. Highly recommend.

“Incredible Dive Guides” - on 06/24/2015

November 24,2014

Sandy at Scuba Du guided me through the PADI open water certification. She was patient, showed us great things underwater and made the experience memorable. The referral service was easy to use. She picked up right where I stopped the pool training. We knocked out all the skills then saw turtles, Rays, lobster and sea slugs. Amazing!

“The experience was fantastic.” - on 06/24/2015

November 19, 2014 
This is the second time our group has used Scuba Du and couldn't be happier. We had Michelle for most of our dives and Ray sometimes. Loved Talking with Michelle after learning she lived in same areas as we all have. We also did a snorkel trip one evening which was so much fun... The star fish were so amazing! We loved using the service to have our gear clean and dry and smelling fresh the next day when we came back to dive, we felt so spoiled. This was at least our 6th or 7th trip to Cozumel and can't wait to return! See you again soon!

“Great dives!” - on 06/24/2015

November 8, 2014

We had Luis all week for diving. He was very detailed with instructions and making sure everyone had equipment and knew the dive profile. Dive team took care of all equipment and we just had to sit back and relax. I think they would have breathed for you if they could have

“Great service” - on 06/24/2015

November 5, 2014
I am still new to open water Scuba Diving but when I requested a Dive Master as a diving buddy at Scuba Du Cozumel, it was suggested that I hire a private dive-master for $60 per day. After the first day, 2 dives, I requested and got Abraham for the second day. One more reason to go with Scuba Du. He was Fantastic. On both days, 2 dives each, he made me feel totally relaxed, safe and in good hands.
If you give these guys a chance, I promise you will never go anywhere else. They are the BEST.

“Scuba Du Dive Team, Boats, Equipment and Location, Awsume !” - on 06/24/2015

October 28, 2014This was our third dive trip with SCUBA DU. It keeps getting better. We took "Deep Diver" and "Peak Performance Buoyancy" Specialty classes with Nichan. We have done other PADI specialty courses but cannot remember learning more and having more fun. Nichan is an amazing teacher that keeps us engaged, challenged and excited.
Jose Luis and Emily were our dive masters and are the absolute best. I think Jose Luis knows were every turtle, shark and fish is hidden. They are both great people with infectious enthusiasm for diving (and life.)
Carlos & Luis are great boat captains that safely and promptly got us to the dive sites and back. Antonio and Manuel make sure that our gear is ready to go and we are supported while on the boat.
Back on the dock, Victor and Carlito keeps our gear clean and well cared for. It amazes me how they keep everyone's gear straight in their heads. 
In 15 years of diving, I have never met a more professional, caring dive shop. I can't wait to come back for another visit

"Nichan-World Class Instructor" - on 06/24/2015

October 19, 2014 

Cozumel is one of the best places in the world for scuba diving, with an endless variety of colorful fish. Scuba Du at the Predidente Intercontinental Hotel is the best place to take you to different scuba diving sites with reefs. All their staff, top boats and equipment are also great.

“Wonderful staff, wonderful places! - on 06/24/2015

I've dived with Scuba Du, Cozumel 4 times over 15 years, let's say 50 dives. They are the only place to dive with on Cozumel in my view. My wife is a beginning diver and she did a refresher course and then dove with a personal dive master - which made is a great trip for her as well!
 August 31, 2014

"Diving with Scuba Du" - on 06/24/2015

Reviewed July26th 2014

Scuba du staff was attentive, efficient and fun!. Oliver and Luis were great dive masters. They made sure we were diving safely, were knowledgeable about where we were diving and exuded both fun and confidence. Will definitely use Scuba Du on our next trip to Cozumel

Great customer service - on 08/19/2014

Reviewed July 22nd 2014

I have been diving in Cozumel for 20 years, but this was my first time with Scuba Du. I was very pleased with the on-site operation at The Presidente Intercontinental resort. The check-in process was quick and painless. The dive boats were all in good shape . . . clean, fast and with cover to avoid getting scorched on hot, sunny days. The boats left promptly at 8 AM for the 2-tank dive. We were in the water by 8:45-9:00 AM, usually returning to the dock at the resort around 12:15-12:30 PM. The dive schedule is laid out so that different dives sites are targeted for each day of the week, reducing the likelihood that you'll dive the same site on any single dive trip . . . we did 8 different sites over 4 consecutive days. The diving was phenomenal, as usual, and the divemasters were great . . . we had Michelle and Jose and would definitely ask for them again. The boat captain and assistant were attentive to their assignments and all of the employees at Scuba Du were safety-conscious, without "mothering" experienced divers. I would highly recommend Scuba Du without hesitation.

Great dive operation - on 08/19/2014

Reviewed july 19th 2014

We have been to Cozumel 4 times. On the first trip we dove with a random company from downtown Cozumel...a very mediocre experience. Our last dive day on that first trip was with Scuba Du. We have been diving with them every time since. They take great care of me and my family. With purchase of any dive package, you can do unlimited free beach dives at the Presidente Resort. They are very flexible. They sort experienced divers and new divers in separate boats. The dive masters all know every dive location well. The crew takes great care of every diver. They do offer a discount if you pay in cash rather than on a credit card. They offer an additional diver on request to go take pictures or video of you and your party and much more. They offer introductory SCUBA experiences for non-divers and also do certifications. You can''t find a better family place to dive or learn how to dive.

Great service - on 08/19/2014

Reviewed July14th 2014

The Scuba Du dive team (Claudio, Jose-Louis, Michelle & staff) made our June 2014 trip fantastic. We went diving every day for 10 days, extending our stay at the Intercontinental twice. Michelle helped my wife, who was certified 5 years ago, go from zero to anything goes, total enthusiast. Jose-Luis took over and she looked forward to diving every day. Had many 60+ minute dives instead of the typical 45 minutes. Very professional and safe. Dive Masters are instructors and although I'm advanced and crewed on a dive boat growing up, I learned more from Michelle and Jose-Louis than any other experience. The dive Manager, Claudio, was outstanding and very flexible to our needs. The staff always smiling and always there to help; or pass out fresh fruit and water. Boats and whole operation is world-class and best in Cozumel. We're going back first chance!

Best and most professional dive operation - on 08/19/2014

Reviewed on July 13th 2014

Just Amazing the kind of service and attention you get diving here. We did 4 scuba days and night dives, just professionals work there, Claudio, Jose Luis(camera man) Michelle, Oliver, Turururu and all the rest, thank you for Making my family vacation unforgettable. If you are going to Cozumel don't think about it, book with scubadu.!!!!!!!

Exelent, the best scuba company in Cozumel - on 08/19/2014

Reviewed on July 13th 2014

Toda mi familia llevamos muy poco buceando, al llegar ahí, las personas fueron muy amables, nos dieron una muy buena introducción nuevamente, y de ahí nos explicaron el lugar al que iríamos a bucear, desde la llegada fue un trato muy amable y hospitalario.

Desde un principio demostraron su alto grado de profesionalismo, cada instructor revisaba personalmente los equipos de toda mi familia. Bucemos dos veces en dos lugares diferentes, aproximadamente 40 a 60 pies, ahí vimos tortugas, barracuda, langostas, morenas, un tiburón de 1 metro aprox, y un sin fin de peces.

Al salir, a unos de mis hijos se le fue la Go pro al fondo del mar, pensamos que que era como encontrar una aguja en un pajar, y de inmediato, dos de los instructores se equiparon y bajaron a 153 pies y la encontraron.

Este tipo de detalles dice todo de la filosofía de su gente. Atención, servicio, profesionalismo y seguridad. 

Lo mejor de todo es que no están afiliados a los cruceros por que el pago es muy bajo, y prefieren tener menos turistas para atenderlos con calidad. Felicidades.

Profesionales en buceo, experiencia inolvidable - on 08/19/2014

Reviewed July 10th 2014

Osvaldo Alamilla was a wonderful Scuba Instructor!! I went on 7 amazing dives with him. After the first day of diving, I requested him as my instructor for the duration of my trip. I highly recommend scuba divers request him as an instructor. He helped me and my cousin with our gear and patiently waited on me while I was trying to 
equalize. He was extremely observant to our surroundings and insured that all the divers seen the various sea creatures that we may not have seen without him pointing them out. On one occasion he noticed I was struggling to descend and I was fighting a current, therefore he helped me out if the current and to descend. I'm new to diving so it was nice to have an instructor that made me feel safe!!!

I,m going back - on 08/19/2014

Reviewed July4th 2014

Excelente experiencia al contratar los servicios de buceo con Scuba Du Cozumel. Totalmente enfocados en la satisfaccion del cliente, no tienes que preocuparte por nada, ellos se encargan de todo. Definitivamente es la mejor opcion en Cozumel para bucear.
(Excellent experience hiring Scuba Du Cozumel Dive Shop services. Absolutely focused on customer satisfaction, you do not have to care about nothing, they will do. For me Scuba Du Cozumel is the best option for scuba diving at Cozumel).

Scuba du, calidad, servicio, seguridad , diversión - on 08/19/2014

Reviewed July 4th 2014

Gracias Sandy y a todos los miembros de Scubadu. Fue una experiencia increíble! Primera experiencia en diving, y Sandy nos dio las instrucciones de una manera clara y sencilla. El material en un estado óptimo, y todo el mundo marino por descubrir! Es un paraíso! Gracias de nuevo!

Increible primera experiencia - on 08/19/2014

Reviwed on June 16th 2014

I just recently did my Advanced Open Water Diver course through Scuba Du here in Cozumel. I had a great experience, especially with my dive master Sandy. She was extremely fun, helpful, and knowledgable. 

I had previously gained my regular open water certification in Turks and Caicos, but enjoyed this course as well as my dive instructor, Sandy, so much more. My course included five dives, some of which were challenging (as the advanced course intends) and well were beautiful beyond words. 

If you come here make sure to request Sandy, I will miss her and the rest of the crew very much. 

Merci Sandy!!

Great experience with Scuba du - on 08/19/2014

Reviewed on June 12th 2014

Me encantó haber ido a bucear en scuba du nichan el instructor de buceo un 7 me hizo sentir muy comoda y perder el miedo que llevaba creo que es muy muy importante que la primera vez que lo hagas sea con alguien que te de confianza y seguridad ,si no me estuviera quedando en playacar hubiese vuelto a bucear encantado ,pero bueno sera para la proxima si tienes lo oportinidad de hacerlo no te lo pierdas

"Mi primera vez" - on 08/19/2014

Reviewed on June 10th 2014

I can't say enough about Scuba Du. Although they are priced a few dollars more than some other dive operators they provide service above the rest. The dive shop at Hotel B was staffed by friendly and knowledgable people that were a pleasure to deal with. The pickup by boat was right on time and the dives were very well structured. They had no problem dealing with novices as well as more experienced divers. After the dive they offered to take care of our gear. Before the dives the following day our gear was returned completely dry and smelling better than it ever had! We were very impressed with this dive operator and we plan to return next year!

Excellent even in the off season - on 08/19/2014

"I can't say enough about Scuba Du." - on 08/19/2014

Reviewed on June 5th 2014

I just returned from a six-day trip to Cozumel; the primary purpose of the trip was to become PADI certified. I found ScubaDu through TripAdvisor and began corresponding with Claudio a few weeks before my travels. He was always very prompt, professional, thorough, and friendly in our email and telephone correspondence.

When I arrived at Hotel B Cozumel, I quickly found Aldo at the dive shop. We quickly got things settled for beginning instruction the next day.

Sandy was my dive instructor. Her patience, understanding, and expertise go beyond what words can express!! She worked with me one-on-one, walking through all the steps until she was certain I got everything down perfectly. She even talked me down from a "panic attack," providing reassurance and helping me build my confidence! She was amazing!

I was a little intimidated to go on group excursions after having worked one-on-one with my instructor. But Michelle and Osvaldo were phenomenal in helping a newbie like me acclimate to group diving. They assured me they would be right there if I needed help, but they also allowed me plenty of autonomy to build my confidence. And my post certification dives were absolutely amazing! Thanks to these wonderful dive masters.

In fact, everyone at ScubaDu demonstrated professionalism, expertise, and friendliness. I can't wait to go back! I highly recommend ScoobyDu for all your diving needs in Cozumel!

An excellent experience - beggining to end (well it´s not really the end !) - on 08/19/2014

Reviewed on June 5th 2014 - on 08/19/2014

Reviewed on May 18th 2014
My wife and I recently spent 5 days in Cozumel. We got certified a week prior and went to the island to do some diving. Scuba Du was one of the shops we were considering, so we were happy to learn they had a shop at our hotel (Hotel B). We spoke to the representative at the shop, explained our situation, asked a few questions, and made reservations to go diving the next 2 days in a row.
The first day we dove, we were the only ones on the boat, so they took us to a shallower/easier location than was originally scheduled. Our divemaster, Ray, helped us fine-tune a couple things, then led us out on our first real dive. After the first dive, we took a break, ate some fresh fruit, and got some feedback regarding our performance. The second dive was also in a more beginner-friendly location than originally scheduled, and went off without a hitch. Those first 2 dives gave us a chance to get comfortable, relaxed, and confident in open water. They were relatively easy and we saw a wide variety of corals and marine life, including sea turtles, nurse sharks, eels, lobsters, a very large grouper, and an endless supply of tangs, parrot fish, and angelfish. Ray told us that after evaluating our skills, he would be comfortable taking us to the regularly scheduled locations for the next day's dives.
On day 2, my wife, Ray and I were one of 3 groups on the boat. The more experienced dive group went a little deeper down the face of a wall, while we skimmed the top and came across a group of turtles who swam with us for a while on their way to the surface. At first, we were all like "whoa?!" and they were like "whoa." and we were like "whoa..."
For our last dive, Ray took us a little deeper and led us through some coral gardens and swim thrus. We saw 2 huge spiny lobsters and a gigantic loggerhead turtle that the other divers who saw it said was at least a hundred years old.
The 4 dives we did with Ray progressed nicely in depth, difficulty, and excitement. We always felt safe, relaxed, and well within our comfort zones and skill limits. Ray was a pleasure to dive with and has a keen eye for spotting and pointing out things we might have missed on our own.
The boat crew was super professional and attentive to our every need, from changing tanks and helping put on and take off equipment to handing out bottles of water and fruit between dives. They really took care of us from the time they picked us up at our hotel to the time they dropped us off at the end of the dives.
There are a couple reasons I can't give a 5 star review. The first is that even though we were the only 2 people diving the first day, we were charged an additional amount for a private divemaster. Perhaps there were more people scheduled that ended up cancelling and the extra fee was necessary to ensure there was an extra DM for us, but when only 2 people showed up, it seems like that amount could have been refunded or put towards an additional dive, equipment rental, souvenir T-shirts, etc.
Next, on our first day of dives, there was an extra person on the boat who introduced herself as our "paparazzi" and said she would be going along and taking pictures during the dive, and we could buy a CD with the some of the photos. During the first dive, she took a couple pictures of my wife and I together, a couple more individual shots, and spent the rest of the time taking pictures of various marine life. Since she did not seem overly interested in getting pictures of us, and the option of having a photographer go along on the dive had not been mentioned when we made the reservations, I assumed she was taking pictures for the shop's website or brochures and came with our group because it was a slow day.
During the second dive of day #1

Great place to start diving - on 08/19/2014

Reviewed on April 28th 2014

I visited Cozumel last week for the first time (I travelled by myself) and the snorkel excursion I participated in through Scuba Du was definitely one of the highlights of my trip. I actually decided to stay at Intercontinental Presidente hotel because Scuba Du is located on-site and it was well reviewed.
We were taken out to 3 different snorkel locations by boat that I wouldn't have been able to reach myself (I rented a pair of snorkel and fins one day through Scuba Du, too), and we saw plenty of fish, especially at Columbia Reef. 
We were a group of about 11 people and I was very comfortable. I actually met a few really wonderful people, so it was a great social experience, too. 
Osvaldo and Oliver were very professional, and they made sure we didn't go hungry or thirsty. I would love to return and get PADI certified to dive soon with Scuba Du! Thanks again!

Great snorkel trip with Osvaldo and Oliver - on 08/19/2014

Reviewed on april 16th 2014

Great dive trip, crew was awesome and our dive master was excellent, he was able to find and point out some great sea life and did a great job of making us feel comfortable. Very courteous and professional crew, we had a great time and will definitely use them the next time we go back to Cozumel 

Great dive experience - on 08/19/2014

Reviewed on april 4th 2014

For my first open water dive, my sweetie and I travelled to Cozumel recently - he was familiar with ScubaDu and had gone on a dive last year with scuba instructor and dive master Nancy and had nothing but wonderful things to say about her. I was happy to know we were diving with Nancy again this year - right away I felt that Nancy was very knowledgable and skilled. She knew I was brand new to scuba and was excellent in her patience and guidance - in her hands I felt I was in the best of care and had an amazing experience as a result! I would not only recommend Nancy for new divers, but experienced divers too - she knows her stuff, is lots of fun and is so sweet!! The whole ScubaDu crew and other dive masters are a world class outfit - they are the best!

Terrific Experience - on 08/19/2014

Reviewed on March 28th 2014

My 12 year old is a newly minted Open Water Diver and this was his first diving trip after certification. I can't say enough good things about Scuba Du. Before our trip to Cozumel (we stayed at Presidente Hotel, also the BEST), I emailed Scuba Du with tons of questions. Carlos immediately replied and answered everything and also suggested a diving itinerary for us. We did a three day dive and it was an excellent experience. Our dive master, Nancy, was super. She and the boat staff prepared all our equipment (we only brought fins, snorkel and mask) and all we did was slip into the BCD and go. Nancy assessed our comfort level in the water and off we went. We were not 'babied' but instead she realized that we were at ease and took us on an amazing underwater journey. We exchanged our last day dive for a night dive and that did not disappoint either. Simply wonderful. I took my GoPro and filmed a lot, including upclose nurse sharks and sea turtles, however, If you have a GoPro, you MUST get a red filter. I only learned this whilst here and am sorry...all the video is missing the vibrant colors. I just ordered one for the next trip. Anyway, go with Scuba Du if you are in Cozumel. My son loved it and is hooked. Can't wait for our next trip.

Scuba Du is the best - on 08/19/2014

March 23rd 2014 

March 2014 - My wife and I dove with Scuba Du seven consecutive days during spring break, and have no regrets about selecting Scuba Du as our dive operator. All three boats we used were very good; not cramped like the fast boats (but small boats) that were being bounced around on the choppy days. 
My wife's bad back necessitated gearing up on the fantail, and the crew easily accomodated her needs. 

Being new divers, we elected to hire Nancy as our private divemaster. She was incredibly helpful and patient, helping us work past ear equalization and cold-sensitivity issues that threatened to derail my wife's diving. Without Nancy's care, our vacation would have been much less successful.

For high-quality boats and high-quality customer service, you will not go wrong with Scuba Du!

bj from The Woodlands, Texas

Scuba-Du first rate service and great boats - on 08/19/2014

March 3rd 2014 

We have been diving for over twenty years. We booked a private weeklong boat with Scuba Du. Little did we know how amazing it would be. Our DM, JoseLuis, was the most organized, safety minded, knowledgeable DM we have ever had. Our captain, Elias, was perfect also. We did not have to worry about anything. Dive gear, pick up time, safety stops, our dive boat were perfect. Victor, who worked at the shop, had everything cleaned and dry and ready to use every am when we arrived. They picked us up at our hotel every morning or afternoon, at the pier. Even at the end, our gear was washed, dried, and delivered to us after our last dive (really). We just threw it in our suitcases. If anything broke, JoseLuis had it fixed and ready in minutes (really). He took extra weights, watched us like a hawk (I have over 250 dives), let us do what we wanted, but was quick to find amazing things (he found a turtle and nurse shark sleeping together). We swam right over it. Can't say enough. Best dive trip we have ever had.

Jose Luis - on 08/19/2014

Reviewed on March 2nd 2014

We took the snorkel tour through this company. Had to taxi down from our hotel to the Presidente Intercontinental with several other guests but they brought us back to the pier at our hotel after the trip. The guide and captain were friendly and helpful and not too bossy. We like to just get out on the water and look around by ourselves. One thing that was funny is that while we were snorkeling on Plancar Reef a scuba tour passed below us. If you're looking for a more isolated experience you're not going to find it on Cozumel.

Good trip friendly staff - on 08/19/2014

Reviewed March 2nd 2014

We hadn't been diving in years and needed a Tune-up course. Sandy was your instructor, she was thorough, patient and professional. By the time we were finished, we were confident under water and Sandy showed us some great sights on our dives. Highly recommended. February 2014.

Great Instructor - on 08/19/2014

Reviewed february 18 2014 

Once again, another great dive experience with Scuba Du. My first trip to Cozumel was last November & I dove 3 days with Scuba Du. I had such a good experience with everyone that I booked another trip this time for a bit longer. I spent 2/2/-2/13 diving with Scuba Du and once again had a great time with all of the dive masters and staff. Back in November my divemaster/insructor Michelle had mentioned that I should come back and get my Advanced Open Water certification. I managed to do all of my lessons online before this trip & I was able to complete not only my Advanced Open Water, but also my Rescue diver as well. Michelle was a great instructor and was not only very knowledgeable but also made the experience fun as well. Because of her, my buoyancy has improved tremendously! Nancy is a fantastic photographer & will give you camera tips anytime. And the other DMs, Pablo, Sandy, & Jose Luis made my experience very enjoyable. Would definitely recommend. Great diving + Great service.

Great staff, great dive, excellent instruction - on 08/19/2014

Reviewed February 7, 2014 NEW

20 steps from our room, so very convenient. $89USD for a 2 tank dive. I did 9 dives with them this week and was very satisfied. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable. The boats are nice, they give you plenty of bottled water and fresh fruit, they leave/return on time. No more than 8 divers, 2 groups of 4. The night dive we only had 4 on the boat. The guides are great with new divers and spend alot of extra time with them. Communicated well via email prior to my trip. They have a set schedule of rotating dive sites so if you dive all week you always see something different.
If your staying at the Presidente InterContinental, there is no reason to dive with any other dive shop, these guys make it easy!

Visited February 2014

“Perfect for staying at the Presidente Intercontinential” - on 02/18/2014

5 of 5 starsReviewed January 26, 2014

This was our 3rd trip to Cozumel and our 3rd time diving with Scuba Du. We made the arrangements with Oscar by email before our arrival to have us dive 3 days January 20, 22 and 23, 2014. We went to the El Presidente Sunday morning to pay for our dives and rental gear. We have experienced great diving with Scuba Du in 2008, 2011 and 2014. This trip we stayed at the El Cantil condos and were picked up every morning at 7:40 on the pier.....very convenient. The reason we enjoy Scuba Du is their commitment to our safety and great Divemasters, Raymond and Lic for this trip. The Divemasters brief us before each dive and go out of their way to show us marine life. Elias is a super deckhand helper who goes out of his way to provide great service. Captain Carlos is a great boat captain. The dive boats are very comfortable. We have only praise for this dive operation. We believe that Scuba Du is a great value...great service, safety and fun in Cozumel. Keep up the good work Scuba Du! We will be back! Angelfish23

Visited January 2014


“Great Dive Operation” - on 02/18/2014

Reviewed January 10, 2014

My 20 year old son and I had such a wonderful time in 2012 that we returned in Dec. of 2013 and were not disappointed. I made all of the arrangements by email with Oscar. They work very hard so that you will have a great time while keeping your safety as a priority. My son and I are very experienced divers and they were very accommodating, letting us continue to dive after others returned to the boat. We loved diving Palancaar Reef. The highlight of our vacation was diving the Cenotes with Luis that they set up for us. We will be back again in 2014! As always, Victor does an amazing job with our gear, even in stormy weather, our wetsuits were dry the next day! A relaxing vacation, staying at the El Presidente and diving with Scuba Du!

Visited December 2013


“We'll be back again!” - on 02/18/2014

4 of 5 starsReviewed January 10, 2014

Spent 1/1 - 1/8 in Cozumel and dove with Scuba Du numerous times. My son and I obtained our Advanced Open Water with Alfonso while on your boats. Pablo took us on a night dive and we also had day dives with Pablo and Liz. From the boat captain, deck hands, and dive masters, we felt black tied from day one!
We had terrible weather with high winds and rain and it seemed the worse the weather, the harder you seemed to work.

We will see you again.

Visited January 2014


“Exceeds expectations” - on 02/18/2014

1 of 5 starsReviewed January 8, 2014

Booked with Scubadu before arriving on Cozumel. They have good reviews on tripadvisor to figured they would be good. Arrived at the dive shop and started filling the paper work in preparation.

When it came time to pay, I noticed something interesting on the bill. My girlfriend and I were doing two afternoon dives, and two more dives the next morning. However, they had charged us for two days of gear hire (which, by the way, they already charge double that of other dive shops on the island).

I checked and confirmed with the dive shop manager that if you do four dives in a single day (ie 2 morning dives and 2 afternoon dives) then you only get charged once for gear hire. However, because we were diving the afternoon and then morning dives, we were getting charged twice. What's the difference? Nothing. Still two boat trips, four dives - only we were sleeping in between our dives.

In my view, it is simply unfair to be charged twice as much for the exact same service than the next customer. I pointed this out to the dive shop manager and the following is what he responded:

First, he said that it's the rule, so too bad, we would have to pay. Next, after pointing out to him how illogical it was and that it was genuinely unfair, he refused to admit that it was unfair and insisted we just had to pay. Finally, I insisted that is was very unfair and he admitted (this is a direct quote) "well, customers pay it anyway, so we still charge it".

Suffice to say we didn't go on the dive. I'm happy to pay what's due, however, I'm not happy to be blatantly ripped off, particularly after the admission from the dive shop that they know it's unfair but just exploit customers anyway because they can.

We later heard some stories suggesting that Scubadu also charge different prices for people depending on what room they are staying in. The more expensive their room, the more they charge. I'm not sure that's true, and I wouldn't have believed that except fo

“Blatantly unfair and a ripoff” - on 02/18/2014

Reviewed January 8, 2014

The weather was crap, the water was rough but the diving was perfect.

Divemasters Pablo and Michelle, the boat Captains and their crew went out of their way to make this an enjoyable experience for the new at boat diving kiddos (14-18) and the old Dad who has been around the block a few times. No need to do anything but dive and enjoy the fresh towels, and cold drinks after surfacing. They realize you are on vacation!

Pablo was quick to adapt when one of the kiddos needed a bit more help from Dad after a bit of a reverse block and a bit of a bloody mask. Not only was he quickly able to calm her down when she didn't quite believe Dad when he told her she'd survive, he also took the younger child under his wings on subsequent dives so Dad could concentrate on helping the older kid overcome her problems.

It was only thanks to Pablo's help with the younger child and his encouragement in allowing us to ascent much slower than the rest of the (small) group that she was able to continue diving. This child wanted to be a marine biologist and scuba diver since she was eight. She started training the day after she turned 10. Let's just say that Pablo made her year!

If you are ready to dive and enjoy a bit of personal attention try Scuba Du. You're going to like it.

Visited January 2014


“Perfection...” - on 02/18/2014

5 of 5 starsReviewed January 3, 2014

First dive after getting certified earlier this year and they did not disappoint! Staff was friendly. Saw lots of ocean life; Barracudas, Spiny Lobster, Morays, Coral, Tangs, Parrot fish, etc... Very exciting for my first dive! Worth mentioning that I have MS, and the staff was very accommodating to a person with a handicap. Helped me in and out of the water and made sure I had everything I needed to enjoy the experience!

Visited December 2013


“Excellent” - on 02/18/2014

Reviewed January 3, 2014

After receiving a reco from Toronto Scuba Club, we decided to book with Scuba Du on our most recent trip to Cozumel (instead of with our hotel's own dive shop). Everything was great! Oscar even called us in Canada to make sure we didn't have anymore questions and make arrangements.
We had some great dives with our DM (I forget his name). He was very knowledgeable and alerted us to some great wildlife (sea turtles, eagle rays!). The first day in, we both had some sea sickness but everyone was accommodating and made sure we stayed hydrated. The second day we were fine, even had a small 4 person group which was fantastic!
Boats were well-maintained, great captain, great attitudes, really high quality rental equipment.
The only reason I am giving Scuba Du a 4/5 is because A) my partner's tank slipped off 2x throughout our dives. We did not set up the gear ourselves, which we usually do. Lesson learned. B) although we loved diving with Scuba Du, it was a bit inconvenient to get out there for payments and papers and to get a hold of them over the phone for any questions we had.
Sidenote: we arranged a Cenotes trip through Scuba Du and they hooked us up! We had our own personal dive guide for the day who even wrote the book/maps for diving in the area!!!

Visited December 2013


“An amazing dive experience!” - on 02/18/2014

5 of 5 starsReviewed December 31, 2013

been diving with scuba du for 20 years now and love them. smart, safe, fun, nice boats, very kind and honest, helpful. one year i left my lycra suit at the dive palapa. did not know it. next year i show up, and victor walks up and hands me my lycra suit!
speaking of victor, he and carlos are worth their weight in gold. if you tip them, you will not touch your dive gear for the entire trip. drop if off after your checkout dive, and your stuff will be on your boat, SHAMPOOED AND DRIED, every morning of your diving. there is no where i've been, all these years, world wide, that takes care of me like scuba du at the presidente intercontinental, cozumel. hotel is best on island also

Visited September 2013


“Best dive outfit ON EARTH” - on 02/18/2014

5 of 5 starsReviewed December 29, 2013

I went on a trip with Scuba Du for 5 days with my family. My kids (ages 10, 12) had just been certified, and I was a little nervous about how much attention they would need for their first ocean dive. But Scuba Du delivered on so, so many levels.

We paid a little extra for a private dive master for our family and NANCY was amazing. She was very sweet and gentle with the kids. She kept them calm and relaxed and helped them underwater like I've never seen a dive master do before. Truly an amazing person as well as dive master. I would recommend her to EVERYONE!
Due to strange weather and currents, we did not get to dive every day. But I'd call in the morning and Julien would let me know the plan. He also went out of his way to call me in my hotel and let me know what was going on. He was helpful.

Victor took care of our gear (we paid him in tips $15 per person per day), as this wasn't included in the basic service. But we were able to leave our gear with the boat, they loaded and unloaded it for us, rinsed it, hung it to dry and made sure we had everything we needed. So nice.
The boats were small and clean and efficient. Each one had a dive platform which made entry and exit easy. The captain was crazy good at getting the boat to us in currents.

The reefs we visited were beautiful and we saw many, many things.

Visited November 2013


“Best Dive Staff I've met in 20+ years of diving” - on 02/18/2014

5 of 5 starsReviewed December 21, 2013

I had an awesome experience with scuba Du! We saw a giant sea turtle, stingray, a sleeping shark and the best guide "Liz" she made sure we were safe all the time :) I would totally recommend this place.
Visited September 2013


“Totally recommend this scuba place” - on 02/18/2014

5 of 5 starsReviewed December 15, 2013

I dove with Scuba Du when I went on a trip with my scuba club OVI. Being a new diver, they were very helpful and supportive. Pablo and Julio were our main guides for most of the days. They had great personalities and were very supportive of a new diver. Pablo even helped me out when I had some bounancy issues and was unable to stop at my safety stop. I will admit, that whenever anyone in our group had a problem. The dive masters would be on top of us in a matter of seconds to calm us down and assess the situation and correct it. The boat crew was very helpful in getting us in and out of the water in very quickly. On the last day, we had Elisa as our dive guide. She is an instructor with Scuba Du and she was more hands on and instructor like in her approach to guiding the tour. If you are still new, I would recommend her to guide ou through the reef. She was very soft spoken and helped you with equipment checks and reviews of what you should already know.

Equipment care and cleaning was amazing. They would load and unload your gear from the boat. As I mentioned on another review, Victor would clean our gear each night. My wet suit, BC, and regulator have never been so clean. They were even dry by the morning for the start of the next diving day. There was also no funky wet suit smell. On the final day, not only did he clean the gear but he folds and packs it in a way that makes it so easy to pack into your suitcase. He really needs to upload a set of videos onto youtube about gear cleaning and packing. Very compact. Make sure to tip Victor. From what I understand he only works for tips and he does an excellent job. Tip him well.

Visited December 2013

“Great Diving with Scuba Du” - on 02/18/2014

5 of 5 starsReviewed December 13, 2013

I recently went to a destination weeding in playa del Carmen and I had a day available so I decided to try scuba du. I had heard good things and it was one of the only places that I could try and book a dive with short notice. My wife and I have used several other diving shops in Cozumel and this one is one of the best. Our dive master Liz was awesome and very friendly, she took her time to explain everything about the dives we did and She gave us the most personalized service we have ever had. The actual dive was great and we were able to see a lot of great stuff. Another diver had an awesome underwater camera and he took some of the best pictures I have seen. I definitely recommend this shop to other divers regardless of your experience because scuba du does a great job of planing dives for all skill levels.

Visited July 2013

Jorge D, Owner at Scuba Du, responded to this review

December 20, 2013

Reviewed December 12, 2013

Dove with Scuba Du during our 2 week stay in Cozumel. Their service, professionalism, and friendliness can't be beat! Jose Luis is very kind and attentive to all safety details, remembers your name and greets you each time he sees you. Nancy was our favorite dive master. She is always smiling and kept us laughing for the entire dive. This place was quick to respond to me during my early emails while planning this trip and I couldn't have asked for a better dive company. I wouldn't dream of diving with another company here in Cozumel.

Visited December 2013


“Scuba Du is the BEST!!” - on 02/18/2014

Reviewed December 4, 2013

My husband and I stayed at the Presidente and went diving with Scuba Du. I'm a beginner and he's experienced. I spent the afternoon with Michelle and she was so patient and a very professional instructor. I was a little scared and she always made me feel comfortable and at ease. My husband and I both went on a boat dive the next day and he said his dive was the most amazing he had ever been on. They went down about 80 ft. I only went down 40 ft because I'm a beginner. At first it was rough and I was too nervous to go even though I grew up around water. I was just a little uncomfortable. But the next dive Michelle told me don't worry if you need to come back up I will bring you up cuz there was another guide too. I ended up going and I was very comfortable and I am just so glad I did and that Michelle made me feel comfortable and confident enough to go. All the staff on our boat really cared about our experience and they extremely conscientious about the equipment and gear which also made me feel good. I need to get certified when I get home to Florida, but its just so peaceful and beautiful in the ocean. I know I will get even more comfortable with more experience. They had a photographer too that followed us and I'm excited to see the pictures!

Visited December 2013


“Great, great lessons and guides!” - on 02/18/2014

Reviewed December 3, 2013

After taking Scuba lessons and confined (pool) dives in Connecticut, I signed up for four open water dives to complete my certification, two from beach and two from a boat.
The staff was exceptional in all ways possible and were friendly and flexible in scheduling my dives. My instructor was knowledegable, helpful, and an excellent communicator above and below the water. The boat dives were at the reefs and along the wall at the southwest end of the island, a region teeming with marine life and beautiful, diverse coral formations. Every diver should be as lucky as I to have their first open water dives in such a wonderful spot!
Overall experience could not have been better. I strongly recommend Scuba Du Cozumel (and the Intercontinental Presidente Hotel) to any diver or dive student visiting Mexico.

Visited December 2013


“Exceptional Experience!” - on 02/18/2014

4 of 5 starsReviewed November 26, 2013

We enjoyed diving with Scuba Du in Cozumel, we went diving with them for one day. We were picked up in the Hotel B Cozumel pier and taken to the InterContinental Presidente Hotel which is where the operation is run from.
The boats were in great shape and the crew and dive master were very nice. They offered refreshments and fruits between dives and helped with all of our gear. There were not many divers on the day we went and it was very spacious.
They have a set schedule for the dives sites for each day of the week so you can check it out and you will know where you will be taken to. They put good emphasis on safety and the organised dives are confortable and not challenging which allows you to enjoy and relax.

Visited November 2013


Jorge D, Owner at Scuba Du, responded to this review

November 26, 2013

Dear amigos!

“Nice Diving in Cozumel” - on 02/18/2014

Reviewed November 25, 2013 

Our family of four, including two teenage daughters went to Cozumel to obtain the PADI Open Water Certification. After extensive research, we chose Scuba Du at the Presidente Intercontinental Hotel. We could not have been happier with our choice.
The Scuba Du staff were friendly and responsive. The equipment well maintained and reliable. Our dive master Laura was exceptional. We were all relatively nervous about taking the course. Laura made our learning experience pleasant and enjoyable. She was knowledgable , patient, thoughtful and reassuring. We could not have had such an amazing experience without her. We highly recommend Laura and Scuba Du.

Visited November 2013


“Fabulous diving experience in Cozumel, Scuba Du” - on 02/18/2014

4 of 5 starsReviewed November 20, 2013

Tried this with Scuba Du at the Presidente Intercontinental location. This was my first time and Danielle was excellent in both teaching me and being patient while we were out. The beginners dive was $89 (cash) and there was a lot to see without having to take a boat out, we just waded in from the beach.
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

“First scuba dive” - on 02/18/2014

5 of 5 starsReviewed November 12, 2013

It's been a while since my last dive but the team at scuba du really took care of me. From the refresher dive to two dives the following day everything was great. Very good customer service, easy going team and definitely provided adequate amount of support while leaving enough flexibility to use my skills. Laura who was my instructor has done a terrific job. I highly recommend this team!

Visited November 2013


Jorge D, Owner at Scuba Du, responded to this review

November 18, 2013

Dear guest,

Thanks for your fantastic reviews, we're delighted you were so pleased with our service and specially with our instructor and all our staff. And we are please to hear that she made you feel comfortable in the water again!
We work very hard every day to provide the best service to our clients and we hope to see you soon in Cozumel and allow us to take care of you all again.

Jorge De La Fuente.

“Terrific experience” - on 02/18/2014

5 of 5 starsReviewed October 7, 2013

I dove with Scuba Du for 2 days, after they were highly recommended by a good friend. They are extremely professional, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.
I had to take the morning ferry in from Playa del Carmen both days, and they were very accommodating. My gear was set up ready for me on the boat, so I was ready to go diving right after getting off the taxi.
And did I mention that the dives were great :)

Thank you for the wonderful experience. 

Visited September 2013


Jorge D, Owner at Scuba Du, responded to this review

October 9, 2013

Hola Toby,

Thanks for your fantastic reviews, we're delighted you were so pleased with our service and specially with all our staff.
We work very hard every day to provide the best service to our clients and we hope to see you soon in Cozumel and allow us to take care of you all again.
It´s very important for us to hear from our clients to be able to improve day by day so your feed back is the most critical issue!

Jorge De La Fuente

“Great Experience. Very professional and friendly.” - on 02/18/2014

5 of 5 starsReviewed September 5, 2013

Sandy is the best!! I was terrified and at one point didn't think I could do this, Sandy was thorough and understanding and helped me to be confident. I went through with it (beach dive) and cannot be happier that I did, it was awesome!!! I cannot wait to do it again!

Visited August 2013


Jorge D, Owner at Scuba Du, responded to this review

September 8, 2013

Dear Guest,

We are very please that you had an awesome time and I can tell you that you are hook for life with scuba diving!!

Also many Thank´s for your fantastic reviews, we're delighted you were so pleased with our service and specially with our instructor
We work very hard every day to provide the best service to our clients and we hope to see you soon in Cozumel and allow us to take care of you all again.

Jorge De La Fuente.

“Awesome experience!!!” - on 02/18/2014

5 of 5 starsReviewed August 31, 2013

As a recreational dive instructor and a professional architect i am sensitive to detail and quality. Scuba Du is hands down the best dive operator in Cozumel and likely well ranked world wide. They constantly have the best dive masters and equipment. And their attention to full service is second to none.

For a daily tip, they will even rinse out your gear and shampoo your wet suit and make sure it is on the dive boat the next morning.

If i had to give a criticism (and this is a real stretch), it would be that at times they are a bit conservative with dive opportunities. Don't get me wrong that is what you want when diving with your family, but when you are with a group of advanced divers and wish to seek more advanced opportunities, conditions have to be ideal for them to allow advanced dives.

Visited December 2012


“Hands down the best” - on 02/18/2014

5 of 5 starsReviewed August 25, 2013

We went on three dive trips (six total dives) with Scuba-Du during our week long stay at the Presidente and had an excellent experience! Scuba-Du handled everything we did: scuba, snorkeling, sunset cruise, fishing it was all awesome. They are right on the Presidente grounds, and all the trips leave right from there, so it is super convenient if you are staying at the Presidente. Oscar the reservations manager was very helpful and assisted me in booking everything in advance (just email [email protected] and tell them what you want to do). The rest of the staff was great too. We reserved a private dive master for each of our dive trips (only $60 per trip and totally worth it) and they were very knowledgable and helpful. Our dive masters Julio and Danny showed us all kinds of things throughout the reefs that we would have never found on our own.

My only complaint is they tried to charge me twice for the private dive master when we had clearly already paid for the service. But they ended up realizing I already paid and so I didn't pay twice. Other than that, everything was great. You definitely have to dive if you visit Cozumel and I highly recommend Scuba-Du!

“Awesome diving experience!” - on 02/18/2014


4 of 5 starsReviewed August 24, 2013

We look forward to using them in the coming years when our 8 year old comes of age to scuba. Nice dive and fishing boats.

Visited August 2013


Jorge D, Owner at Scuba Du, responded to this review

August 25, 2013

“Professional” - on 02/18/2014

“Best place to go Diving with”

5 of 5 starsReviewed August 23, 2013 via mobile

We have been diving with scuba du for a couple of years now and every time it's better. Great dive masters, attention and they take the best care of you. The specials trips with them are amazing. And they have lots of patience. We love them.

Visited August 2013



“Best place to go Diving with” - on 02/18/2014

“Best Diving AND Best Service!”

5 of 5 starsReviewed August 15, 2013

We just returned from 4 days in Cozumel diving with Scuba Du and I cannot say enough good things about them! We scheduled everything ahead of time: private boat with our dive master (Giacomo) and even a photographer (Antonio) on a few dives. They were so accommodating - one day my husband got a migraine after our second dive so we cut the last two dives and the whole crew was fine with it. The next day we asked if we could sleep in a bit and depart a bit later and it was totally fine. The diving was SPECTACULAR: some of the best we've done and I'd highly recommend getting a private boat if you can. It's very affordable through Scuba Du and you will get to do and see things you wouldn't get to do with a large group. The tunnels at Cidral were FANTASTIC and Giacomo even had us looking for sea horses on our dive at Paradise Reef.

Giacomo recommended we do a Whale Shark snorkel off of Isla Mujeres since we were going to Cancun next and it was awesome as well. Scuba Du coordinated the whole thing (even though the snorkel trip itself - and later, two cenote dives - weren't through their company). Jose helped us the whole time we were there and Giacomo, David (our boat driver), Antonio (photographer), and Oscar were all great to work with. W

“Best Diving AND Best Service!” - on 02/18/2014

Reviewed August 9, 2013

Have been diving with Scuba Du for 10 years now. Wonderful time diving with nancy. She took such great care of my daughter and me. Also took great photos with my camera. Best night dive ever.

Visited July 2013


Jorge D, Owner at Scuba Du, responded to this review

“Another great year diving with Scuba Du” - on 02/18/2014

“A great family adventure”

Reviewed August 8, 2013

My wife and I are experienced divers, but our son (14) had only been diving once and our daughter (10) is not yet certified so she only snorkels. Last year we vacationed in Australia where we dove and snorkeled at Heron Island and although we had a great time in Australia, we wanted to introduce our kids to the warm waters and great reefs around Cozumel. I started my search on TripAdvisor for dive operators that took divers and snorkelers out on the same boat, and I could not find any. So, I changed tactics and looked for the best operator that offered private charters, and luckily I found Scuba Du.

At first, I contacted Jorge who said “no problem” and then introduced me to Virginia to make the arrangements. I can’t say enough about Virginia. She was very responsive to my (many) email questions and requests (thanks for the cold Jarritos on the boat!!!).
Since we were staying in Playa del Carmen, we took the ferry to Cozumel and a taxi to the Presedente where we found the Scuba Du check-in counter on the beach. There we met Virginia who assisted us in getting some rental gear and introduced us to our dive master - Sandy, and our snorkeling guide – Elizabeth. We then walked out to our private boat – El Vikingo.

We had a great day of diving and snorkeling. We started out with a short snork

“A great family adventure” - on 02/18/2014

Reviewed July 25, 2013

This was a perfect first dive opportunity for our two teenage sons who had recently become PADI-certified. They, as well as my husband, enjoyed it immensely. (I'm not a diver but went along on the boat just to watch.) The rental gear was in great shape and Scuba Du's team did a wonderful job of making sure it was clean, in good working order and set up prior to each trip/dive.

We were especially impressed with their dive masters. Since our sons were new divers and my husband was a bit "rusty", we requested a private dive master for the three divers in our family. Liz met our family prior to the first dive and got a feel for our experience. Once in the water she assessed their comfort and then started showing them around. Although she was also a good "tour guide", it was always obvious that safety was her primary concern. We were also impressed with the coordination of the multiple dive masters and the boat crew. They worked like a well-oiled machine. Overall, this was an excellent experience.

I would also like to add how much we enjoyed our all-day fishing trip, with Jorge and Ruben. They were wonderful. And we were thrilled to catch a large Mahi Mahi … which made for a delicious dinner later that evening! The crew fileted the fish for us and our hotel restaurant grilled it. I've never tasted fish that fresh. It was perfect!!

Visited June 2013


Jorge D, Owner at Scuba Du, responded to this review

July 26, 2013

Dear Guest,

We very much appreciate the time you spent writing your experience with us.
All our staff work and we make sure they all improve every day to provide the service that you all deserve and make every service we provide, safe and fun!
I will be happy

“Excellent diving experience” - on 02/18/2014

Reviewed July 24, 2013

I have more than 20 years taking groups for scuba diving to cozumel and scuba du dive shop is the best service in cozumel island.
I have made more than 80 diving trips with scuba du, and always excelent!!!
rango extendido, luis sanchez

Visited July 2013

Jorge D, Owner at Scuba Du, responded to this review

July 26, 2013

Mi querido Compadre ! and business partner,

Yes indeed it has been around 20 years of business together and we are happy that our relationship continuos to grow!
I would like to express to you my most sincere appreciation for you a s a friend and also the thrust that you have put on Scuba Du for so many years with all your very special clientele!
We hope you see you soon and wish you the best!

Te mando un fuerte abrazo
Tu amigo,

Jorge De La Fuente.

“excelence in diving service” - on 02/18/2014

Reviewed July 20, 2013

I have been diving for many years and in many locations, and having just completed 4 dives in Cozumel Mexico, staying at the magnificent El Presidente Intercontinental resort, I have acheived a new standard of excellence in service providers. Scuba Du was exerienced with tremendous local knowledge, quality equipment and safety checks, a great boat fleet, and best of all .......... awesome personnel. Everyone was amazing, from Jose the owner to the sign up desk staff to Nancy, my personal dive master!!! I have no hesitation recommending them to anyone and everyone if you're in the area .... and the diving all over the reef side of the island is fantastic.

Greg Wolfe

Visited July 2013

Jorge D, Owner at Scuba Du, responded to this review

July 23, 2013

Dear guest,

We are please that all out team made your diving vacation a great one!
Our team dedicates every day at work to provide with there very best service and make Scuba Du customers to have there best vacation ever. I will be more than happy to pass to them your great reviews and we hope to see you back very soon!

Thank you very much.

Jorge De La Fuente.
Owner. ( Jose´s brother)

“the quality of diving in cozumel with scuba du outfitters!!” - on 02/18/2014

Reviewed July 3, 2013

My wife and I are relatively experienced divers (11 and 15 years, respectively), and we both thought that the staff here did an excellent job in all aspects of the operation. It is curious that you pay up front, but we had no trouble getting a refund when we had to cancel dives.
From the smiling welcome of José when you check in, to the various dive masters, to Victor's EXCELLENT care of your equipment, they treat you the way you want to be treated on vacation.
On the dive boats, everything was as one would expect, and all of our dive masters were mindful and caring without being obtrusive or 'mothering.' The between-dives service was inconsistent, as sometimes they changed our gear for us and sometimes not, but we're used to doing it ourselves almost always anyways.
I would definitely dive with these folks again!

Visited June 2013

Jorge D, Owner at Scuba Du, responded to this review

July 6, 2013

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for been writing and have been sharing your comments , I am very please to read your appraisal of our team services.
I certainly know my colleagues will be very please to know their efforts made your diving vacation a memorable one.
However, I really really appreciate if you can contact me, because on your comment on the inconsistent of our team on switching the diving gear between dive, should not be that way.
So in order for me to verify on that and solve the problem, I need to know your name and dates you dove, por favor!!

Please you can contact me on my personal email: [email protected]

Kind Regards,

Jorge De La Fuente.

“Excellent dive shop!” - on 02/18/2014

Reviewed June 6, 2013

I have enjoyed diving with Scuba du on 12 vacations over the last 20 years. This year’s trip was as enjoyable as the first. I did most of my dives this year with Danielle and Michele. They are helpful, well organized, very professional, and just plain fun. Looking forward to many more great dives with your team.
Dale Masbruch

Visited March 2013


Jorge D, Owner at Scuba Du, responded to this review

June 7, 2013

Dear Dale,

Thanks for your fantastic reviews, we're delighted you were so pleased with our service and specially with our 2 divemasters.

We work very hard every day to provide the best service to our clients and we hope to see you soon in Cozumel and allow us to take care of you all again.

But many thanks for been with us for so many years and we hope to see you many more.

I just want to let you know that we are celebrating our 21st anniversary!!! and we hope to keep
seen repetitive clients like you.

Jorge De La Fuente.

“Scuba Du great experiences at Presidente Cozumel” - on 02/18/2014

Reviewed June 4, 2013

Did 4 dives with scuba du last week. They were very professional & had good gear. The divemasters ( dove with michelle & the guy from france) were both excellent. Would not hesitate to go diving with scuba du again. I made the arrangements through el cozumeleno.

Visited June 2013


Jorge D, Owner at Scuba Du, responded to this review

June 7, 2013

Dear Guest,

Thank you for been writing and have been sharing your comments , I am very please to read your appraisal of our team services.

I certainly know my colleagues will be very please to know their efforts made your diving vacation a memorable one.
We hope to see you back very soon and please comment your friends about our service.

Kind Regards,
Jorge De La Fuente.

“Great dives” - on 02/18/2014

You can learn to dive or rent snorkling gear at the dive shop located on the resort. You can dive or snorkle off the beach or they will arrange a dive trip for you. There is a great little beach bar and grill for great snacks next to Scuba Du.

Visited April 2013

Jorge D, Owner at Scuba Du, responded to this review

June 7, 2013

Dear Glenn,
Thank you for your review on our snorkeling service, indeed,snorkeling is great in Cozumel and our snorkeling trip is great and lots of fun.
It´s a very popular service and specially children enjoy it a lot.
we hope to see you back and scuba dive this time.
Jorge De La Fuente.

“Great Snorkling” - on 02/18/2014

5 of 5 starsReviewed May 11, 2013 via mobile

I have been diving the Caribbean & Mexico since 1987. My wife & I had our fourth visit to Cozumel, April 27 - May 4, 2013; our 2d stay at the Presidente & 2d dive with Scuba Du. While I was not satisfied in 2005, Scuba Du is now terrific! The boats are clean, comfortable, well-run, and not crowded! All the dive masters are terrific, especially Michelle & Julio. Victor & son, who will care for & clean all you equipment are superstars! THey do it all from squaring it away from the boat to cleaning it better than when we brought it, to loading up the next day! I used Nitrox & it was the right mix & tested- all just right. Divers are taken to the regular sites & given solid briefings. Their drift dives are safe. Other than with Michelle, new divers & experienced divers seemed to be grouped together. The crew's set up & tear down for each dive was professional; we really did not have to lift a finger. Boarding after dives was easy.Fresh fruit & plenty of bottled water. The cool, fresh washcloths were a real treat at dive's end! Everyone was so friendly! The photographer took some excellent photos. I was especially gratified to see their assistance to a physically-challenged diver! We will definitely dive with Scuba Du again.

Visited April 2013

Jorge D, Owner at Scuba Du, responded to this review

May 16, 2013

“Valet, Safe, Comfortable Diving” - on 02/18/2014

“Excellent diving with scuba du”
 Escribió una opinión el 4 mayo 2013 
This is my first dive trip with Scuba Du and we had a great time. We thought they were very professional and safety was key. The dive boats were nice, the boat staff was excellent and the dive masters were great! Michelle is awesome, she took a lot of time even to find the little tiny creatures we would never see on our own! The dive masters really helped us with tips on buoyancy control and other things as we had just purchased new equipment! Had a great time!! 
Visitado el Abril de 2013

Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 

6 mayo 2013
Dear Diver,

Thank you very much indeed for your comments about your dive trips with us. 

We always looking forward to have valuable guest like you all and meet needs and expectations and your feedback is extremely important to us. I will be sharing your great comments with our staff.

Warmest Regards,

Jorge De La Fuente. 

Excellent diving with scuba du - on 05/10/2013

“5 star dives and service”
 Escribió una opinión el 30 abril 2013
I did a total of 13 dives over 6 days with scuba du and had a great time. Bringing my own gear always presents challenges but scuba du had Concierge gear service, rinsing, drying, and storing my gear each day. I'm also a picky diver as I am a larger man and need a 100cf tank to stay down as long as other divers. Every day they had my tanks correct and my nitrox mixed to my preference. Jackamo, Julio, Nicole, and all the other dive masters were great. Dive sites are just incredible and the boats were new and nicely appointed with bathrooms!
Scuba du made staying and diving at el presidente a no brainer. They also let us pay for my girlfriends dives as we went, and at the discounted rate of packages each time.

Cons: I paid ahead for my girlfriends first two dives but she hurt her back the night before and couldn't make it. When I told them in the morning of her dive the response was "you should have told us last night". Okay, I understand, Except there were 4 dive masters on the boat with 13 people....on our next to last day we decided to get in 2 extra dives and the other sales guy did credit us half the cost of the first dives after I explained we were charged for dives she didn't get to do.

Overall Scuba Du is a little more expensive but the convenience of location and ease of diving with them are well worth it. 
Visitado el Abril de 2013

Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 

2 mayo 2013
Dear Robert,

Thank you very much for your great reviews on our staff, and that they made your dive vacation a one to remember!

Thank you on your comments about our boats, we work very hard to keep them in great shape, which by the way they are not new! But as I said we offer the best and we are please to hear comments like yours.

We hope to see you soon again.

5 star dives and service - on 05/10/2013

“Scuba Du”
  Tritons Alburquerque, New Mexico
 Escribió una opinión el 27 abril 2013 

I feel very mixed about writing this review. The poor rating is based on my dealings with the business side of scuba du, the dive masters were great. I stayed at the El Presidente and emailed Scuba Du a few days prior to the trip and did not receive a response. My trip was last minute and I chose to dive with a smaller group who efficiently responded to my inquiries. I decided to join Scuba Du for a night dive. I was pretty excited because our group was going to be small unlike what I had seen on their earlier boats. 
First our dive masters were excellent and very professional (Michelle and Fabian). They were very attentive and aware of difficulties experienced by some of the divers.
Cons: Scuba Du charged me greater than $50 for equipment rental x1. Since I love nightdives and had an amazing experience the night before with another group I sucked it up for one last opportunity to dive at night. The equipment was the WORST equipment I have ever rented. I had a poorly working to nonfunctioning BCD during the dive, no refund offered. The night light for which I was charged $15 was tiny and not that great. I rented a much more powerful light for $5, the night before. The light was left on the boat, as soon as I returned to my room I received a phone call wondering where the light was, I checked my bag to make sure that I didn't accidentally take it although I distinctly remember leaving it on the boat, I felt that the man who called me did not believe me. Although my DMs were great, the business side is lacking some quality and tact in dealing with issues. New rental equipment is needed especially at those prices. 
Visitado el Abril de 2013
Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 

2 mayo 2013
Dear Guest,

I am please to hear that your were please with our divemasters, however concern about your experience with our sales staff. I send you and email to get more detail information on those subjects that you were not happy with. But have not heard from you.
I would like to apologies for the mistake on our sales representative at the store, He just started working a few days.
Hope to hear from you so I can personally take care of refund on those mechanical problems that you mentioned.

I can assure you that on the lights, we are on the process to buy new ones.

Best Regards,
Jorge De La Fuente. 

Scuba Du - on 05/10/2013

“Another Great Scuba Du Dive Trip”
Escribió una opinión el 22 abril 2013 

This was my 5th or 6th dive trip with Scuba Du in Cozumel. As always, they were excellent in every respect. Set up my dives via a quick phone call the week before. When I got there everything was set up, as discussed, including Nitrox (with specific mix), and ready to go. Dove with a couple of new DMs and they were outstanding - took us to really great sections of reef, fantastic at pointing out the harder to see critters. Fun, friendly people.

And also, as always, Victor is the man! This guy takes meticulous care of your equipment and wetsuit; puts it on the boat, takes it off the boat, cleans it, checks it over, packs it for the trip home. Perfectly. Every day, every dive. How he keeps it all straight - I have no idea. Never a mix up, never a question about what belongs to who. His hard work is a huge reason diving with Scuba Du is such a great experience.

Scuba Du boats are big, comfortable, and never overloaded. Plenty of room to spread out. This trip we had about 4 divers per DM. Can't remember a time when it's been more than 6 per DM.

Scuba Du does it right! 
Visitado el Abril de 2013

Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 

26 abril 2013
Dear Diver,

Thanks for your fantastic reviews, we're delighted you were so pleased with our service and specially with Victor, he really is a great part of our team.

We work very hard every day to provide the best service to our clients and we hope to see you soon in Cozumel and allow us to take care of you all again.

But the must important.. we really appreciate your loyalty to Scuba Du

Jorge De La Fuente. 

Another Great Scuba Du Dive Trip - on 05/10/2013

Kim S
Minnetonka, Minnesota 
“Your numero uno choice for diving in Cozumel”
 Escribió una opinión el 19 abril 2013 

We have been using Scuba Du for several years now for everything from getting our children certified as divers to introducing our diving friends to the amazing waters of Cozumel. We are confident that our experience, each time we dive with them, will be exceptional. They are professional, they focus on safety as the number one priority, and they connect well with the divers so we can all share the experience and find new discoveries. Especially if you are a new diver, their team will help you to relax and build your skills. I encourage you to select Scuba Du if you are diving in Cozumel. 
Visitado el Marzo de 2013

Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 

26 abril 2013
Dear Kim,

Thank you very much for your comments and for been a loyal customer!!

We are happy to hear that year after year we keep up with you expectations, I will pass to all our staff your reviews.

We hope to see you again and specially a big welcome to your children to the under water world.

Jorge De La Fuente.

Kim S - on 05/10/2013

 Escribió una opinión el 19 abril 2013 
Scuba Du has been outstanding every time we have been diving with them. Recently we were there for spring break 2013. It is so nice to see familiar faces, Jose and Victor especially. The entire crew is extremely friendly and I would say they offer the Ritz Carlton treatment...everything is excellent. Victor helped store and clean or equipment every day (he is so wonderful). Dock is right there so extremely convenient. Dive masters Nancy, Luis and Danielle...all excellent. 
Visitado el Abril de 2013

Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 

26 abril 2013
Dear Guest,

Thank you very much indeed for your comments about your recent dive vacation with us.

We always looking forward to have valuable guest like you and that we met your expectations, your feedback is extremely important to us. I will be sharing your great comments with our staff.

We are very lucky to have Victor!! he is great and he always gets great review.
Warmest Regards,

Jorge De La Fuente. 

julieNiwot - on 05/10/2013

Sandy F
Englewood, Colorado 
“The best in Cozumel”
 Escribió una opinión el 18 abril 2013 

I wanted to let you know that the crew at Scuba Du far exceeded my expectations in every capacity. I was so fortunate to be able to do 6 dives while at El Presidente Resort. I was apprehensive that everything would go smoothly and my experience was phenomenal. I wanted to do a beach dive the afternoon that I arrived and then two days of 2 dives each. On the day that I arrived I went to check in and was worried that I would not have enough time to get the dive in. After a full day of travel I had a bit of anxiety trying to rush through all the airports and get to the hotel on time. 

No problem. Scuba Du was ready and waiting for me and told my to relax that everything was going to work out just fine. Before I knew it, Francisco was there to start my training session for my first open water dive (3rd certification dive). I had anticipated that this would be a quick jump in the water demonstrate some skills and the instruction would be over. To the contrary, Francisco was deliberate, patient and incredibly informative in his instruction. It gave me a whole new level of appreciation for this sport as Francisco gave over the information not as someone trying to just get through the painstaking task of ANOTHER beginner but as a true teacher that demonstrated profound respect and love for his craft and a desire to make certain that every nuance of the sport was taught and learned.

After making certain that I was proficient in assembling the gear (we did it over and over to make sure) and advising me that no matter what, each and every dive started with a thorough check of all equipment (stressing that even if it was my own gear, everything gets checked, every time, no wavering) we proceeded into the water. where I watch Francisco gracefully demonstrate the proper techniques to be calm and innocuous in the water - making an effort not to disturb anything around us. He was so meticulous in every motion and I really was able to see a great demonstration of how this sport is supposed to be performed. I came out of the first dive knowing that I had been instructed by an expert and was very much anticipating the next day of diving with him. It was remarkable to see the care that he demonstrated for the environment, stopping to pick up even the smallest little pieces of trash from the bottom as we proceeded in the dive. You could tell this man cared deeply about the divers, and the environment and it gave me a great perspective and respect about diving.

The boat dives were nothing less than outstanding. Preparation was completed, equipment checked and re-checked and not once was there any feeling of being rushed or looked down upon because I was a novice. In the water Francisco once again showed us the proper techniques to relax and conserve energy. It gave me a calmness and feeling of serenity that greatly enhanced the experience. I can't adequately describe how grateful I am that Francisco was my instructor. I feel extremely fortunate.

My friend and I also did a 3rd dive beach dive - just the 2 of us and with the expert instruction that Francisco had provided we were confident and relaxed going on our own. 

The 2nd day we dove with Beto plus 8 divers. Beto too was fantastic - taking us through caverns, pointing out marine life, finding a sea horse and many other creatures that we never would have had a chance to see without his expertise and professionalism. 

Sandy F - on 05/10/2013

San Diego 
 Escribió una opinión el 15 abril 2013 

I've been diving for 35 years and Scuba Du is the most professional, organized dive operators you will find anywhere. We went on 3 dive trips with them and all were great. They had everything ready for us when we got to the Presidente hotel. We didn't have to wait more than about 5 minutes to jump on the boat and go! They are very big on having us hire a personal dive master which we did for $60 per day total for the 3 of us. The reason was that my wife and son didn't have a lot of experience so they needed to stay above 60' while the rest of the group would be deeper than that. Turns out that all the groups (families) every day we dove also paid for a private DM so the entire boat of people never went below 60' and we really didn't need our own guide but it worked out fine. Nancy was amazing and I highly recommend her if you decide to hire a private DM. She really maximized our bottom time. 2 dives one day were both at over 70 minutes long! 
Visitado el Abril de 2013
Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 
26 abril 2013
Dear Diver,

Thank you for been writing and have been sharing your comments , I am very please to read your appraisal of our team services.
As you mentioned the private divemaster service is a great options that we offer and our customers are very please, you pay a little more but..the experience is unforgettable.

I certainly know my colleagues will be very please to know their efforts made your diving vacation a memorable one.

Kind Regards,

Jorge De La Fuente. 

BrentSanDiego - on 05/10/2013

Don S
Orange, California, United States 
“Great Dive Company”
 Escribió una opinión el 6 abril 2013  
Great time diving. Boat was clean, crew friendly and helpful, group was small and the dive master was a lot of fun. Overall they made the day very enjoyable. Dove the Santa Rosa Wall and the Yulcab Reef Awesome some of the best diving yet. I set up everything via the internet and there were no problems at all they accept PayPal which is helpful and everything is done in USD. 
Visitado el Abril de 2013
Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 

19 abril 2013
Dear customer,

On behalf of all our staff we are please that we made your diving vacation a happy one.
All our divemasters are always giving 100% to make the dives, safe and fun!

I hope that we allow us to have the pleasure to serve you again.
From all our team and myself, 
Thank you.
Jorge De La Fuente. 

Don S - on 05/10/2013

Plano, Texas 
“Awesome shore dive to the wall and back”
 Escribió una opinión el 15 marzo 2013 

I loved the customer service, friendly staff and special thanks to the guys who took such great care with our gear!! Please tip your instructor or dive master and of course the equipment tech's! shallow night dive is awesome for beginners. The swim out to the wall is far, 150 feet swimming against current, I recommend renting one of there underwater seedoo's. if you are an avid diver this is a great skills refresher. 
Visitado el Febrero de 2013

Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 

28 marzo 2013
Dear friend,

Thank you very much for your reviews on our services, our cleaning & storage team is an essential part of the company and they get great compliments!! all the time and it´s a plus as many others that makes Scuba Du to set apart from the others.
We all at Scuba Du would like to thank you for diving with us and hope to see you back soon!.

Texasdoce - on 05/10/2013

“Had a Great Experience With Scuba Du!”
 Escribió una opinión el 12 marzo 2013 

We made 7 dives with Scuba Du in February, 2013 and were very pleased. 

Virginia promptly responded to my e-mail inquiries, and arranged for us to ride the dive boat from the marina, which was a short walk from our condo. These were my first dives following certification at Christmas, and we wanted a private dive master to help build my skills and confidence, especially with drift diving. Giacamo fit the bill perfectly, and he also took some great pictures for us. We even did a night dive for our last dive.

We also appreciated the opportunity to have our gear cleaned, stored overnight and ready to go the next day. When we return to Cozumel, we will dive with Scuba Du! 
Visitado el Febrero de 2013

Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 

28 marzo 2013
Buenos días amigo!

It´s great to hear you are please with our service, having a private divemaster it´s a great option, which we offer all the time and the up grade for that it´s not that expensive!
And allows you to improve your skills and confidences as well, glad you enjoyed.
Thank you for choosing us and hope to see you soon again.
Kind Regards,

co_camper3924 - on 05/10/2013

Dallas, Texas 
“Great diving”
 Escribió una opinión el 12 marzo 2013 
Staff was great and dives were wonderful. Loved the fact the actually have a bathroom on the boat. The only minor change I would want is a full length wet suit for rental instead of the short suit. Otherwise, you will really like the staff. There was an 11 year old girl getting certified on one of our dives and she seemed to love her instructor. 
Visitado el Marzo de 2013

Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 

28 marzo 2013
Hola Mark,

Thank you for your reviews on our services we provided you and your family.
Our staff always works very hard to make all our customers happy, safe and comfortable ever day.
We hope to see you in the near future and thank you again.

MarkBoo - on 05/10/2013

Lisa L
Colorado Springs, Colorado 
1 opinión 
“Scuba Du is FANTASTIC”
 Escribió una opinión el 9 marzo 2013 

Scuba Du dive shop at the Hotel Presidente is a fantastic dive operation. They have comfortable boats, knowledgeable dive masters, and take care to provide the best possible experience for their customers. 

Among the amenities offered on their dive boats is a crew the gladly sets up equipment and assists you on and off the boat. They also provide fresh fruit and chilled bottled water between dives. Their on-shore staff thoroughly rinses equipment and will store for the next day's dive so you don't have to carry all your equipment back and forth from your hotel room.

Their dive masters are very knowledgeable of the animal life below the surface. They take care to point out interesting marine life - both large and small. They truly care about the health of the reefs and the animals that live there.

All in all, Scuba Du is a friendly and professional dive shop. My husband and highly recommend them. 
Visitado el Noviembre de 2012

Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión

12 marzo 2013
Dear Lisa,
Thank you very much for your review, we will pass along all our very important team your positive comment, about our storage and cleaning staff, they really work very hard and all divers love to be pamper and this is one of our details to keep them happy.
Hope to see you both soon and please do not forget that this is our 20th anniversary and we are please to have you for almost 20 years as loyal customers.
Thank you again and come back soon.

Lisa L - on 05/10/2013

“Outstanding Cozumel Dives from Scuba Du”
 Escribió una opinión el 9 marzo 2013 

We hired Jacmo to give us three straight days of world class private diving. Having a private dive master is the way to go to assure your family or spouse is diving in total safety while having total fun and adventure. They ( Scuba Du- Jacmo) watched out for us while we enjoyed three awesome, incredible days in the caves and formations of Palancar Reef. We didnt bring our equipment so we used theirs- top condition and all their boats were great- used a smaller faster boat so we could get out to the reef fast. Also hired their photographer Nancy to get all the marine life shots,diving shots and formations so again we could just enjoy diving. Cozumel's Palancar -bricks ,caves, reef is so unique no other place in the world has these formations. Scuba du is a world class diving company. Scuba Du operates out of the El Presidente which is THE hotel to be in in Cozumel. The Dillons 
Visitado el Marzo de 2013

Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 

12 marzo 2013
Dear Friends,

It was very nice to meet you and to provide you with our very best, also your kindly comment show us that you both are very please and went home with Cozumel and Scuba Du in your thoughts to come back again.
Your divemaster is also an Instructor, all our dive guides are not only divemasters, but Instructors with a higher level of knowledge and skills, to be able to provide a better service.
We hope to allow us to serve you again very soon and so long.

mjhdillon - on 05/10/2013

Danny D
Suwanee, Georgia 
“Great diving experience”
 Escribió una opinión el 6 marzo 2013 

Completed my open water certification at Scuba Du in Cozumel. I stayed onsite at the Intercontinental which was excellent. The Scuba Du staff was very very flexible and was able to quickly schedule the 4 dives required for certification. Boats, crew, and equipment were top notch. We did one dive from the beach and one from the dock on the first day. On the second day we did two dives from boat at some of the great dive sites around Cozumel including the Santa Rosa wall. Shout out to Nichin who was my dive instructor - he was very professional in regards to instruction / certification and also made the dives enjoyable by guiding us through great spots and showing interesting marine life - eels, lobsters, nurse sharks, etc...

Highly recommend the Scuba Du team 
Visitado el Marzo de 2013

Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 

11 marzo 2013
Dear Danny,

Congratulations!! now you are certified and discovering the magnificent clear waters of Cozumel.
Thank you on your comments and your positive feed back about our staff, they are always working hard to keep customers happy.
Please come back again soon and allows to serve you again.
Have a great day.
Jorge De La Fuente. 

Danny D - on 05/10/2013

Bill L
Nashville, Tennessee 
1 opinión 
“First time Diver”
 Escribió una opinión el 4 marzo 2013 

My daughter and I had our first certified dive with Scuba Du. What a great experience it was...the staff was great....they cleaned our equipment and had it all in place for us...the divemaster was extrememly helpful as I was a little anxious for my fist dive....and the boat was excellent. We'll go back and we'll dive with them again. 
Visitado el Febrero de 2013

Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 

11 marzo 2013
Hello Bill,

I want to thank you for your comments and happy to see that our staff made your dive vacation a pleasant one. Our cleaning staff works very hard all the time to keep our customers happy and I personally will pass to them your comments.
Hope to see you soon again.
Jorge De La Fuente. 

Bill L - on 05/10/2013

Bertum B
Houston, Texas 
 Escribió una opinión el 1 marzo 2013 
Had 4 dives with Scuba Du and had a wonderful time. Nice boats and equipment. Friendly and helpful staff. Really felt comfortable diving with Scuba Du and would definitely recommend 
Visitado el Febrero de 2013

Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 

4 marzo 2013
Hola from Cozumel,

You are very kind with your positive comments about your experience with Scuba Du.
We work hard every day to make our clients happy, just like we did with you all.
I see that you are please over all with all our service. On our equipment, I just want you to know that we are changing our dive consoles for new ones, they are Scuba Pro, we consider this brand one of the best on the market. We do these to keep up with our quality and to provide as always with the best equipment possible.
We hope to see you in the near future back diving with us.
Kind Regards,
Jorge De La Fuente. 

Bertum B - on 05/10/2013

Chicago, Illinois 
“Fabulous for a Scuba virgin.”
 Escribió una opinión el 1 marzo 2013 
I took a discover scuba class there and I can't say enough about the experience. I love the ocean. I have been wanting to try Scuba for years but had some trepidation about trusting my life to a tank strapped to my back. My dive instructor was patient and very reassuring. The instruction is on the beach and we went deeper into the ocean from there. Caribbean blue is even more amazing from 30 feet underwater and ocean life is ineffable. The experience has inspired me to become certified so I can do more underwater exploring. 
Visitado el Febrero de 2013

Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 

4 marzo 2013
Dear new diver!!

Thank you very much for your comments, we really are please that we introduced another customer to the magnificent underwater world! We hope you get certified and if you like you can come down to our crystal clear warm waters and do your training with us.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to come down again and thank you very much.
Kind Regards,
Jorge De La Fuente.

joey1603 - on 05/10/2013

Greenwood, Delaware 
“Do Dive with Scuba Du!”
 Escribió una opinión el 26 febrero 2013 
We visited with the crew at Scuba Du just two weeks ago at their shop on the beach of the Intercontinental El Presidente Hotel. We established a wonderful relationship with this company last year when we made many dives with them. My husband got his SCUBA Rescue Diver Certification with them then as well. The staff is friendly, warm, caring individuals who are exceptionally skilled divers. One of the dive masters rebuilt my BCD during the surface interval on one dive and made it fit for the first time. Remarkable and talented people also work with all the gear keeping it in tip top shape. When they're done with your gear it works beautifully, and it smells so good!! They have magic rinses there!! Great dive company!! 
Visitado el Febrero de 2013

Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 

28 febrero 2013
Hello from Cozumel!!

Thank you very much for your wonderful review on our staff, we are thrill that you had a blast.
Our team on the cleaning department always get´s a nice complements, how ever yours are above any other, they will be advise of such a great job they are doing.
Our divemasters are always ready to help with equipment and anything that might arise on the boats.
Hope to see you back soon.
Jorge De La Fuente. 

delawareduo - on 05/10/2013

Jennifer C
California, Maryland 
“El mejor lugar para aprender a bucear !!!!!!!!!!!” 
 Escribió una opinión el 22 febrero 2013 
Estuve en cozumel la semana pasada y tome mi curso de buceo en el hotel presidente ,alex fue mi instructor de buceo muy paciente y servicial , en verdad si van a cozumel a bucear les recomiendo la tienda de buceo scuba du .............. 
Visitado el Febrero de 2013
Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 
28 marzo 2013
Hola Jennifer,

Muchas gracias por tus comentarios y nos da mucho gusto saber qué Alex B fue un buen instructor.
Esperamos sigas buceando y felicidades en tu certificación!!
Regresa pronto y nuevamente gracias por tus comentarios.
Bonito día.

Jennifer C - on 05/10/2013

Allan R
“Simply The Best”
 Escribió una opinión el 19 febrero 2013 
I could go on and on about how beautiful the diving is in Cozumel, but then that's why you're considering going, right? What you want to know is, "who should we be diving with?" The answer is simple, the only dive operator on the island that I would ever consider diving with is Scuba Du at the Presidente Intercontinental. I have dived with others (not by choice), but whenever I am calling the shots it's ALWAYS Scuba Du. Simpy the best dive operator on the island - period. 
Visitado el Diciembre de 2012

Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 

24 febrero 2013
Dear Allan,
Thank you very much for your great review on our company, we are please that you have been diving with another companies here in Cozumel and overall we are doing better and among the best. Safety and personal service is our primary achievement.
We hope to see you soon again and please feel free to contact me personally in the future for any questions or comments you might have about our service, so we can improve and get better and better every day.
Scuba Du Team. 

Allan R - on 05/10/2013

Fort Worth, Texas 
“Great Reef... Ok Service... HORRIBLE RENTAL EQUIPTMENT”
 Escribió una opinión el 14 febrero 2013 

The Reefs around Cozumel are amazing... This was our third time to the island for diving. On my Second day out... my regulator (rented from Scuba-du) started leaking. They gave me a 'replacement' that was laying around on the boat and I was able to continue my dive (minus 500-600psi). Then a day later, I start showing symptoms of Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease. Go home to the doctor and they confirmed it! Not only was the equipment faulty, it was diseased! 
Visitado el Febrero de 2013

Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 

15 febrero 2013
Dear Scuba Du customer,

Thank you for your review, however, your comments sound very strange to me as we have never had a problem like this in the 20 years that we´ve been in business and for the last 3 years we have used anti-microbial mouthpieces in all of our rental regulators. 
You also mentioned that the crew provided you with an extra regulator that was around the boat. I am sorry but we do not have regulators just around the boat. Our policy is that our divemasters carry an extra regulator that is provided to them by the dive store before any dive trip, and those regulators have the same anti-microbial mouthpiece.
Also you commented assuring that it was our equipment that gave you that infection, which in fact, it could have come from anywhere. Please feel free to contact me personally if you have any comments and also I would like to know the dates when you dove and your name please so that I may check into this further.
Kind Regards,
Jorge De La Fuente. 

sullima - on 05/10/2013

Ed H
Sunnyvale, California 
1 opinión 
“What a Great Experience”
 Escribió una opinión el 13 febrero 2013 

It was such a pleasure to dive with Nichan. He is not only a great mentor but also a wonderful human being and fun to dive with. I will definetely recommend Scuba Du and diving with Nichan.
My last dive in Cozumel was with Nichan and my son. I am looking forward to my next vacation with lots of diving. They are the best of the best. 
Visitado el Octubre de 2012
Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 

15 febrero 2013
Dear Ed,
Thank you very much for your comments, and we are please that you enjoyed very much Cozumel and the service that Nichan one of our Instructors provided to you and your son.
We hope to see you soon again and please feel free to contact me personally for any questions or comments that you might have in the future. Have a great weekend!!
Kind Regards,
Jorge De La Fuente

Ed H - on 05/10/2013

Londres, Reino Unido 
“Scuba Du - Just scuba du it!!!!”
 Escribió una opinión el 20 enero 2013 

If you want a great diving experience in Cozumel, look no further than Scuba Du Diving. Not only did they offer to pick us up everyday from the Hotel B which is North of the island, they took us back too.

My partner and I each had almost ten 2 two tank dives during our 14 night trip and would use Scuba Du again when we return. The Dive Master Jose was excellent as he was very reassuring and explained everything. Our best recommendation is to ask for Louie the British Dive Master as he was an absolutely fantastic dive master. Louie was so good that we preferred diving with only him. As the currents in Cozumel are quite strong, Louie explained this is great detail and also stayed very close to our small group of divers. We were a mixed ability group and I cannot thank Louie enough for helping me to overcome some initial buoyancy issues. 

The dive centre is well run with excellent boat hands and helpers. a good clean and professional dive company that also had good quality equipment. Please don't waste your time using other dive centres..use Scuba Du and just Scuba Do it as they say.....

Highly recommended and a real pleasure to dive with. Well done Scuba Du!!!!

Bev & Jason 
Visitado el Enero de 2013

Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 

28 enero 2013
Dear Bev & Jason,

Thank you very much for your comments about our operation and very happy that we made your dive vacations a very pleasant one.
We enjoy having costumers from the UK and against all odds!! we have a divemaster from the UK.
Scuba Du is please with his performance and we will pass your kind evaluation to him.

We hope to see you soon again in Cozumel and hope to have many more divers from the UK.
Kind Regards,
Jorge De La Fuente. 

ChinaDragon4 - on 05/10/2013

Katy, Texas 
“If you want Cozumel's best, this is it!”
 Escribió una opinión el 10 enero 2013 
If you seek the best of the best when you travel, Scuba Du is the dive operation for you on Cozumel. Having been in business as the in-house dive shop at the magnificent Presidente Intercontinental Hotel for 20 years, Scuba Du knows how to please. Whether you prefer a fast boat with fewer divers, or a larger boat with more space and comfort, you will find what you are looking for at Scuba Du. Special trips to Punta Sur, Maracaibo, or the north end of the island (in-season) in search of schooling eagle rays? Just ask! Want to add a new certification while you're on your diving vacation? Cozumel is a great place to get your Drift Diver, Deep Diver, or a host of other advanced and specialty certifications. Just want to get your basic open water certification in paradise instead of a local lake or quarry? Scuba Du is a full service PADI dive center.

Scuba Du has been attracting the best Divemasters on the island for decades. This is why I have chosen to return to Scuba Du every time I visit the island. Nichan Bakir is one of the BEST instructors / dive guides anywhere in the Caribbean! So is Giacomo Rossi. Ask for these two by name, you will NOT be disappointed!

And don't forget to talk to Victor at the dive shop - he will rinse and dry your gear every afternoon, and have it waiting for you by your tanks on your boat the next morning! There is no official charge for this service, you simply tip Victor directly. We had our 2 young boys (2 and 5) with us on the last trip, and Victor made the trip happen thanks to his hard work!

Got kids? Scuba Du / Presidente Intercontinental has a GREAT babysitter named Ms. Kery. Ask for her, your kids will have a BLAST playing with iguanas, putting on the hotel's putting green, swimming, fishing - you name it! All while you dive, knowing she can reach your boat captain on the radio in the unlikely event it is necessary. 
Visitado el Diciembre de 2012
Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 

13 enero 2013
Dear Ms. Katy,

We really appreciate you review about the services that be provided you and your family last december.

Nichan and Giacomo they really are great!! and among the best, we are very lucky to have them in our team, and about Victor!! he really is a key part of our team, I really do not know what we would do with out him.
We hope to see you soon again, and thank you again for choosing Scuba Du
Jorge De La Fuente 

blauvs - on 05/10/2013

San Petersburgo, Florida 
 Escribió una opinión el 10 enero 2013 

We have had a relationship with Scuba Du for over 22 years. We have over 1250 dives, 500 or more with this diveshop alone. We have had the best of divemasters; but divemasters come and go. We have always stayed with Scuba Du en lieu of following the divemasters. The safety issues associated with diving, organizational skills and the knowledge of the people involved with the shop are the key concerns for our diving. They play by the rules to insure the safety of all. They are accommodating. We are picked up at the dock where we stay. We hire a private boat that allows us to do our underwater photography. We can dive an hour, and hour and fifteen minutes or an hour and a half. We can choose our dive site. The boat captains have been with Scuba Du for many years. They KNOW the sea! You want them there when the dive is ended. We have never been left. Above all else, they are like family and treat us as such. They respond when I write. They always remember us, even if the employees are new. We have so many memories of our time with them and they are all the best. Thank you Jorge AND Scuba DU! 
Visitado el Enero de 2013

Jorge D, Owner en Scuba Du, respondió a esta opinión 

11 enero 2013
Dear Lorni and Rose,

Thank you very much for your kindly comment and we are very please and great full for having you as part of scuba du family for so many years and we have not disappoint you and your lovely family.

We are always improving and making new ideas to work out, to provide better service to our clients and making sure that safety remains always out top priority.
Hope you love the flowers in your room and we will see you all again in a couple of months.
Warm Regards,

1lornie - on 05/10/2013

Houston, Texas 
“Great experience”
 Escribió una opinión el 31 diciembre 2012 
Thanks to DMs Jose Luis and Danielle for showing our group 4 great days of diving in Cozumel! Loved the help on the boat with our equipment, and Victor's overnight cleaning of our equipment. 
Visitado el Diciembre de 2012

Susan_Louise_55 - on 05/10/2013


Escribió una opinión el 13 diciembre 2012 mediante dispositivo móvil 

Recently stayed at El Presidente and dove with Scuba Du. Their professional staff was amazing. Much thanks to dive master Hector for spotting my equipment problems and quickly fixing them. Dive master Carlos and dive master Hector made all of the dives fun and enjoyable. The dive boat captain Dave and mate Jimmy were also true professionals and were extremely helpful aboard the boat. Jimmy took care of all my gear for every dive. Something that other dive shops fail to do. When our dives were over for the day my equipment was cleaned and stowed in the dive shop by Victor. It's amazing how he keeps everyones gear so clean and in order. Every piece of my gear was in my dive bag nice and clean for my next dive. I can't give enough praise to the staff of Scuba Du. This was my best dive vacation ever and I owe it all to Scuba Du! Thanks guys! See you next year. 

Fulleed - on 05/10/2013

“Very professional and courteous staff”
 Escribió una opinión el 11 diciembre 2012 mediante dispositivo móvil 

I recently went divivg with Scuba Du and really had a great time. All the divemasters, especially Giovanni were very friendly and helpful. Would definately recommend! 

bcass48374 - on 05/10/2013

Winnipeg, Canadá 
“Unforgettable Diving!”
 Escribió una opinión el 16 noviembre 2012 
I am a beginning diver, and was introduced to Scuba Du by my brother during my first visit to Cozumel, in February. I had never even touched scuba equipment prior to this first trip, and had a few reservations and concerns, but my instructor, Sandra put all of these to rest with a discovery dive in the pool at the Presidente Intercontinental. From that moment on, I was "hooked". Sandra's excellent instruction and positive attitude provided me with all the encouragement I needed to begin exploring the best part of the planet - beneath the waves on my first ever shore dive. 

A medical condition I have that affects my standing leg strength was never a handicap while I was learning to dive; Sandra and the rest of the staff at Scuba Du were always happy to help out while I was gearing up. 

I will always remember surfacing after that first dive, just as the sun was setting in blazing orange over the warm Caribbean water. "Amigos, just look at that sky - beautiful! You will never forget this!", Sandra shouted. Her infectious enthusiasm for the sport made studying the science and safety of learning to dive a pleasure, and I proudly completed a partial certification - including two boat dives - before our vacation drew to a close. The boat was clean, well equipped and well organized. Good instruction and safety were blended well with an amazing journey through Paso del Cedral and Santa Rosa Wall. 

Even before we departed from Cozumel, I made my brother commit to meeting back in Cozumel before the end of the year so I could complete my Open Water Diver certification. He honored that commitment in October, and we chose to dive with Scuba Du again because of the way they make the adventure of scuba diving feel so special, and the high caliber of their instructors and staff. 

I am now a PADI certified Open Water Diver, and I am sure this is only the start of a lifelong adventure. Whenever the adventure brings us back to Cozumel, we will dive with Scuba Du, and nobody else!

Don't mess with the rest - dive with the best! 

Visitado el Febrero de 2012

“Unforgettable Diving!” - on 05/10/2013

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