Safety First

We require Certified divers to have been on an open water dive in the past 6 to 12 months to do a regular 2 tank profile, if you have not dove in the past 12 months, a preliminary beach dive is required. If you have not been on a dive in 18 months a Refresher Course is strongly encouraged. If you have not been on a dive in 24 months or more, a Refresher Course is required.

NOTE: For safety Scuba Du requires a Private DiveMaster for any diver that is extremely overweight.

Junior Open Water Divers

- PADI standards state that 10 & 11 year old Junior Open Water Divers can dive to a max. depth of 40 feet, for this reason 10 & 11 year old Jr. O/W Divers must have a Private DiveMaster to go on a regular 2 tank profile, even if Certification is from another agency. PADI recommends that 12-15 year old Jr. O/W Divers dive to a max. depth of 60 feet, depending on the experience level of the Jr. Diver, we might require a Private DM for the first day of 2 tank diving, and depending on their performance underwater might allow them to dive to 80’ with the regular group on other days if parents so wish, in this event we will require the parents to sign off on a special Junior Diver Liability Release.



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